Thursday, May 1, 2008

Social Networking Oxymoron, I was Talking to a Blue Personality

Everyone does social networking,
but your probably wondering, what
the heck is he talking about.Well it
has been established that there are
four basic personalities.

And they have designated colors.

The four colors are available for further
study on CD at "Colors to Success"
Along with an indepth Teleseminar
Saturday, May 3 at 9:00pm

Here's a quick reference to colors

Blue-Open and direct, they live for the fun

Yellow-Open and indirect, They love to be friends

Green-Indirect and self contained, They wonder why

Red-Direct and self contained, They are in charge

Now I was going to write this long conversation that I had with
a woman with a blue personality. But it just went all over the
place. Here are some examplesof what was in the conversation.

Casino, horse racing, baseball, flat Elvis, Brazil, jungle waterfall,
teacher, Graceland, motorcycle ride, granddaughter, , table,
contest, furniture store, cruise, traveling, Florida, islands,
daughter, on and on.

And we covered all of that before 9:00 am. So you can see why
I passed on writing the whole conversation. Below I have
included a link to a conversation about the four colors. And how
to spot them in your daily social networking practices.

Right click and save Social Networking Colors

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Steve DeVane said...

You've are absolutely correct. Knowing someone's personality color will help you help them.
Everyone needs this information.
Thanks for sharing it.
Steve DeVane