Thursday, February 28, 2008

Panic Stricken Chickens, Losing Your Head Over Lack of MLM Success

To meet your network marketing goals (or any other goals!)
requires a patient, long-term commitment to a very good plan.

You need a high level of urgency.

Not frantic or haphazard, but definitely unwavering urgency,
uncompromising urgency ... which you drill into your team
right from the start.

We all lose focus at times. When your team loses its focus,
they generally get pretty unproductive. You need to understand
the mental picture that spurs them to urgency,
and refer them to that picture.

For some, urgency means running around like a chicken
with its head cut off. That's panic, not urgency.

When you focus tightly and you know the result you want,
then you can act with speed. You've got to do it NOW, not tomorrow,
because you can't be sure that there will be a tomorrow.

And that is really the crux of the problem.

You sure don't want to go out of this life thinking, "If only ...".

So you must feed your own urgent attitude. And you must help
each team member expand and nourish their urgent attitude.
When you have an entire team urgently building long-term, THEN
you have really done something.

So let's bring this all together.

First you yourself have to walk the talk. People need to see you
as the role model for "patient urgency."

We all have many years of bad habits to overcome. The greatest
urgency for your MLM future is to change these habits. Identify the
worst of the lot, and map out a plan to replace them.

Start NOW.

Maybe the most helpful tool you'll find is the book
"The Slight Edge", by Jeff Olson.

You learn to make little changes that combine to make a big difference.
You can spend just 2 or 3 minutes a day, if you do it consistently
every day, and over time, it will change your life.

And the biggest change you can focus on is ... getting more urgency
into pursuing your MLM opportunity. That's where you'll get the
biggest, fastest payback from.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This New Edition of a Classic MLM Training, Will Raise Your Bar, With These Tough Callers

I've read that there are almost as many of us who want
a home business because they hate their job as there are
who just need the income.

When someone calls you up from some form you filled out,
they sure push BOTH those buttons.

And some of their promises and pictures can be pretty tempting.

Listen to what this guy says. And you will be able to seperate
the wheat from the chaffe, in any kind of home business.
"The Five Pillars Training,
What You Need to be Successful
in a Network Marketing Business"

Michael Dlouhy has nearly 30Years experience in this industry.
Plus he joined over 100 companies, just to see how they work.
And he tell's it all with no BULL.

This is exactly what you'll say, to make money in this business.
Can I do this? And can you help me?
Those are the question you will have after his teleseminar.

Register for Saturday's Teleseminar Click Here
"The Five Pillars Training,
What You Need to be Successful
in a Network Marketing Business"

If you have to do any kind of selling, you'll get a very high rate
of rejection. Does that work for you?

Can you keep at it, no matter what others may think of you?
Answer these questions before you spend your money on any
home based business opportunity

To be successful in a one-on-one business like network marketing,
you have to talk with targeted prospects and build a relationship of
"know, like, and trust."

Once they see you are a real person and that you play straight
with them, then they can begin to trust you.

They've heard from people who they don't trust at all,
and you have to overcome that.

The key skill you must master to be successful is building
relationships. That skill increases your ability in all aspects of life,
and it's a necessity.

If you're building a team that will work together.

You can get the help you need at Mentoring for Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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"Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart"
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

President Gives Enthusiastic Approval of MLM Training System

And there you have it folks, enthusiastic approval by the President.
As he praises the success of Mentoring for Free.

Michael Dlouhy's 3 year old project Mentoring for Free is
continuously growing, and expanding it's reach across the Internet
People's lives are being changed by my 2 Mentors.

And thier combined 60 years of experience in network marketing.

Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis collaborated on the ever popular
e-book "Success in 10 Steps".

Which is now available in a softcover version. Which includes an
expanded, all new 11th chapter.
"How Business Models Drive the Behavior"

Watch the video as the President gives his enthusiastic approval
of this remarkable, one of a kind network marketing training system.
That is bringing people success, around the world.

Click Here for Presidents Video

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Compensation Plan Strategies Or Guarded Secrets to Building Extreme Wealth

Can your network marketing company's compensation plan,
make you feel like a prisoner of war. Making it a daily
struggle just to survive.

What I want to tell you is, yesterday
I was helping my niece with her homework.
Now she couldn't answer this one question,
even though she read this section three times.

She read the words but didn't see the picture.
The question was What was Morgans Raid.?

Morgan was a Confederate General in the Civil war.
He led a group of 2500 soldiers, through Ohio where
they stole every thing of value.

They terrorized the people, and burned thier farms and
burned down whole villages.

Having a good ole time!

Till Morgan and his Raiders ran into some villagers and
farmers that were fed up with his terrorism.

These farmers and villagers decided to stand up for everyone
and fight back.

They held off Morgan and his troops till the Yankee Army
showed up to do battle.

Morgan and his Raiders were either killed or captured!
And then they were shipped off to the Lake Erie Islands.
Where they were imprisoned till the southern surrender.

The Lake Erie Islands are now a great summer getaway,
for fun, or family recreation!

Why I bring this up is I need to ask you?

Are your so called upline guru's or internet offers robbing you!
Are they burning up your credit cards.
And terrorizing your dreams of wealth!

If you answered yes to any of these questions,
The Calvalry is on it's way!

The Mentoring For Free Group, exposes the myths
behind network marketing compensation plans

Did you understand the compensation plan the first time you saw it
drawn out on the white board ?

Do you understand it now ??

Don't feel bad, most people have no clue.

Learn how to look into the Crystal Ball and see what effect
this unshakable truth about Your compensation plan is having
on your success.

We provide you with weekly teleseminars.
This week it's on the Compensation Plan's

Richard Dennis interviews Michael Dlouhy,
in this one of a kind interview.
"Understanding the Compensation Plan-The Neccesity for Creating
the Most Richly Rewarding Lifestyle You Can Possibly Imagine"

You can learn more at Mentoring For Free

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Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing Mr Booth's Time Reduction Strategies Learning how to Focus, Organize, and Prioritize

We all start off with the same 24 hours each day.
What differentiates us is how efficient and productive we are.
What if you could manage your time better --
without making major changes to your life?

Well you can!

Successful people know that to get ahead, they must plan,
set priorities and always follow through.

In the process, they develop systems that work for them.
Their reward? Peace of mind and the gift of extra time.

"The 27 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques:
The Art of Focus and Forward Momentum, that
Get's Things Done"

After listening to this secret recording of Richard Dennis.

You'll effortlessly organize your day to become the productive
person you are capable of being.

How does it work? Through a unique formula you can customize
to you. It's a comprehensive time management system designed to
make it easier than ever for you to get yourself focused,
moving forward, and getting things done.

Richard's Time Management Workshop presents an engaging
and inspirational learning experience about personal and professional
focus and accomplishment. You'll learn how to identify -- and focus --
on the tasks and priorities that matter most so that you can deliver
maximum results every day.

Richard shares the most important principles, ideas, and
philosophies for taking control of the one resource that matters
the most - Your Time.

Use his 27 time management tools, tips, and techniques to organize
every area of your life, eliminate time wasters.and new strategies
for using your time in a more productive manner.

Richard's method's for staying on top of his work in today's fast-paced,
stessed environments and constant interruptions, along with
technology glitches. Dates back to high school.

Listen in as Richard introduces us to Mr Boothe's Time Reduction Strategy.
Learn the amazing secret's of the magical 3 X 5s. And how they will help you
develop your own time reduction strategy.

As you learn to set clear priorities
Learn the discipline of setting target dates,
Learn to deal with life's interupting challenges
Learn the lost art of Effective vs. Efficient

Now you can listen and learn the strategies of how to best
save time and increase your productivity. Whether it be in your
business, your home, or your all important daily life.

"The 27 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques:
The Art of Focus and Forward Momentum, that
Get's Things Done"

Richard Dennis helps master the art of keeping your life on track
and on time.

Using just 4 Key Result Area's that will create balance between
your personal and professional responsibilities by putting first things first
and acting on them

4 Key Result Area's
1) Identify your objective's
2) Plan for each
3) Prioritize them
4) Target your completion time

Like a four-legged stool, if one leg is short or completely cut-off,
your chances of stability decrease. Richard focuses on four areas of
balance, so you look at your use of time totally different.

Far from the traditional "be-more-efficient" time-management book
with shortcut techniques, Richard Dennis shows you how to look at
your use of time completely different

Because as entrepreneurs we face no greater challenge in our personal
and professional lives than organizing and managing our time.

In this secret recording , you'll hear dozens of time-tested principles,
true stories and examples.

Download the MP3 of Richard Dennis's Time Management Seminar
(Right click and save target as)

Download Secret Recording

Richard provides proven ideas and practical advice for overcoming
procrastination, starting projects and increasing productivity.

He'll show you how just a little time spent on planning can yield extra
hours a day--every day. Learn to quickly and easily create a blueprint
for your days that will benefit the rest of your life.

Now how many actually teach you how to take the many small steps that
lead to success each and every day of your life?

This hands-on and inspiring guide offers 27 tools, tips, and techniques to
control your daily agenda.

Get the Master List Here

And last but not least. Here you will find the daily tracking charts,
that will keep you on time.

Download your daily charts for the Power of One

Enjoy all the information. Listen to the recording over and over.
Create a time management system that works best for you.
Using the 27 tips and tools especially the charts. I know I will.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Foolproof System to Beat the Time Bandits

Listening to Richard Dennis speak on his teleseminar for success
in network marketing, and daily life.

"The 27 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques:
The Art of Focus and Forward Momentum, that
Get's Things Done"

Was a lesson in listening. As the strategies of this analytical personality
came out and actually displayed the expert techniques. And time
saving strategies, he uses in creating his day to day successes.

Building a successful network marketing business, requires a
commitment. And total focus, when you are working on your business.

Using Richards step by step time management system will help you to
stand up to the 3 Amigo's of time banditry.

Gain Access to the master list of time tactics for the successful

This PDF file will give you all 27 techniques, on how to get things done.
Get your Master List here

I have also included a video here with some amusing looks at our
hectic daily lives. I think you'll enjoy it.


I have also included in this blog post a link to a suite of free tools for
your daily time management routines. Use these with the Master List

Tools to Get things Done are here

Keep watching the blog for the secret recording of Richard Dennis

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Time Management for the Network Marketer

Network Marketing requires a strict time schedule, when you are
working this business part time.

So I found this this great video on time management.

It's an interview with a Rocket Scientist, giving some tips he discoverd
about time management.

And how completing your incompletes, will bring everything together.

I was amazed by his story and how he came across his philosophies.

I thought you would appreciate this informative video on
time management. And how a rocket scientist "kisses frogs"to
get his work done.

To learn more about time management got to: