Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mentoring for Free and the Critical Factor, Guiding Your Team as a Stategic Leader

Every network marketer wishes they had a massive team
and more leaders in his group. So why not take a shortcut to
build your network marketing business?

It's available in Success in 10 Steps

Successful network marketers are those who motivate,
encourage, and train their downline constantly. They use a
proven system where the design, creation,and implementation
becomes a road map for your own teams success.

The fastest way to build a large organization is through the help
of leaders. And the best way to multiply our efforts is to create
leaders who can take care of their own groups by following a
proven duplicatable system.

Leaders are the real product of Mentoring for Free

Leaders are going to stay with you and your business for a long
time. You will want to determine how many leaders you have
and how your business will be affected if you put more focus on
building and training those leaders.

Train them with a proven system that is designed to turn them
into leaders. And in turn when you build people, people will
build your business. Build them with the training available at
Mentoring for Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Reaching Success in 10 Steps, From the Michael's Three

Much has been written and said about the three Michael's. The
incredible Olympic performance of Michael Phelps. And the
amazing Championship career of Michael Jordan along with
my favorite the savior of network marketing Michael Dlouhy.

There's no question that these three deserve every one of the
accolades that have been bestowed upon them, and then some.


Because they are outstanding example's of determined people
who have followed the Universal Laws that always bring
success. And you can find the evidence of that in the various
media coverage niches of the three.

All stating the same thing.

"The difference between successful people and failures
is that successful people make a habit of doing the
things that failures do not like to do."

And that statement points to the obvious reason's for the Michael's
successes. But there are other valuable reason's for this.

"The Law of Cause and Effect says that everything happens
for a reason. For every effect in your life, there is a cause, or
series of specific, measurable, definable, identifiable causes.

Like Success in 10 Steps

This law says that if there is anything you want in life, an effect
that you desire, you can find someone else that has achieved the
same result or effect, and that by doing the same things that they
have done over and over you can eventually enjoy the same
results and rewards.

What that means is that for the three Michael's to reach their
levels of success they needed coaches. Mentors to guide and
direct them, on their chosen path to reaching their goals, and

Mentors and coaches are for more than sports, and business.
People need and use coaches for all aspects of life. And some of
the best are available for you at Mentoring for Free.

What are you waiting for, get a Mentor for Free.

Your Friend in Success

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Solution to Your Network Marketing Stall is Success in 10 Steps

(This is an entry in the Problogger Killer Title Contest)

Having a successful network marketing business requires
consistant action.So perhaps you are not starting the business
you always wanted to because you fear the pain of failing and
that fear is stronger then taking action.

Having a successful network marketing business requires
you to build trusting relationships, that can last you a lifetime.
Perhaps you do not start that relationship because the fear of
rejection is stronger then taking action.

Get the idea? Of course you do.

At first glance people may think that procrastination in a
sense is someone being lazy. At first glance, that might seem to
be the case, but what is really going on behind the scenes?
What fear, or inherited beliefs causes a person to put something
off they should or want to be doing?

What are the causes within you?

You need to choose to redefine the way you think of
procrastination. The way to do that is to condition yourself to
see more pros then cons in whatever it is that you are
procrastinating against. Because whatever pain it is that you
fear, you will eventually breakthrough the experience through
a series of disciplined actions..

How about that!

Some people procrastinate throughout their lives, they feel the
pain of the procrastination so much that they accept it as
who they are. And with that thought process they give up all
power to change it. The only reason they are not doing something
they want to and know they need to, is because they fear the
pain in it is more real, than the glory of any imagined success.

Take it slow at first, baby steps "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Science the People Would Want If They Knew More About Building a Business Using The New Rules of Social Networking

What explains the fact that some people tear it up when they
set out to build a massive network marketing business.
While others just seem to fail time after time after time?

This answer may not include everything, but I do know that
understanding personality differences makes a huge difference
in the results people get when they talk to people about
joining them in their network marketing business..

Well-known author and psychologist Carl Jung revolutionized
the 4 personality types nearly a hundred years ago. The
basic idea has been examined by quite a number of pretty smart
people. My good friend and personal mentor Michael Dlouhy
even created a CD that explains the 4 personality colors.
"Colors to Success"

When you can meet someone and quickly understand how they
think, what motivates them, what they absolutely do not like,
how they act in certain situations ... you are in position to build a
trust-based relationship much more quickly than you ever
could before

But the biggest result this training brings about is that the person
being trained must actually LISTEN to a prospect in order to
tell which personality they are. And once you start really listening
to people, magical things happen. Experience Mentoring for Free

The people you talk to notice that you are someone who really
cares, someone who is not just out advancing your own agenda.
And the best part of this training is, it's so easy to learn ... and so
easy for you to teach to others.

That means it is a very duplicatable strategy, which you can use
to build your network marketing business.

The beginning steps to learning the secrets of the 4 personality
colors. And the reasons behind what makes this duplicatable
system work so well. Are available in the 95 fact filled pages
of the free ebook "Success in 10 Steps".

Download your copy today!
(This blog post is part of the ProBlogger Contest)

Your Friend in Success

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Get Jack Humphrey's 21 Tips for Blog Traffic

I thought this blog post was so informative, that I would write
about 10 pages worth of content on it. But then I realized, I dont
need to do that.

I'll let Jack Humphrey tell you himself.

"If you are stuck and don’t know what to do next to increase
your blog traffic, this list of hand-picked resources is going to
come at the perfect time for you! If you are on track and
growing your blog traffic, there’s still going to be some things
below you haven’t read or done."

Investigate Jacks blog post at "The Friday Traffic Report"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Follow Mentoring For Free System for Gold Medal Performance

Mentoring for Free system is a step by step duplicatable
process, that when followed will have you performing like an
Olympic gold medalist.

Some Rules of Greatness to live by

Here are Five Things You Can Do Today
to Be a Champion Like Michael Phelps

1. Improve on the Small Things that Make a Big Difference
Phelps was asked how he can break world records, sometimes
by a whopping one or two seconds (in swimming this is huge).
His answer was simple and something you can apply to your
own life starting today: Phelps said, "In swimming there
are so many little things you can change that really
do make a big difference in the end. We're able to go
back to the drawing board and work on the small
things that can make a big difference."

What areas of your life can you change some small things that
will make a big difference? Perhaps it is something as simple
as going to bed a little earlier, eating healthier, exercising
smarter, reading more, advancing your education by taking a
class, scheduling regular dates with your spouse and children
or getting a Coach to help you improve your efficiency,
proficiency and stay on track with your Goals. Whatever it is,
identify those areas and make the change.

2. Study Other Champions

Phelps was asked what separates those who are gifted from
those who performed in clutch moments and won. Phelps said,
"For me when I watch other sports, when
I watch Tiger Woods, when I watch Roger Federer,
when I watch Rafael Nadal, the best athletes can
compete under any circumstances. No matter what
it is, no matter what the pressure, you can always
overcome whatever is put in your way."

I have studied top athletes long enough to know that there is
an inner game and an outer game that must be harnessed for
one to achieve absolute Mastery of a thing. There are many
long hours of practice as well as having the attitude that you
will overcome anything that comes your way. Work on both
your inner game and your outer game simultaneously. Phelps
studies Champions in other sports and you should too. There
are always lessons to be learned and applied to your life.

3. Put Blinders on to Focus Your Energy When it's Time toPerform
Did you notice that prior to entering the water for each race,
Michael Phelps was wearing headphones and covered his head
with a hoodie? This was to block out the outer noise and
distractions and stay focused on his own predetermined priorities.
He was in his own world, he was in the zone. We all have those
moments when we must perform at our very best.

This could be during a sales call, a workout, a meeting with your
boss, a presentation in front of a live audience, etc. During those
times it is important to get yourself into a peak state of focused
concentration. You can do this to begin your day, prepare for a
race, get psyched for a workout or any occasion anytime you want.

Phelps listened to Young Jeezy during the World Championships
which he dominated. Choose the music that gets you revved up
and visualize yourself succeeding in the activity. Practice positive
self talk. You're the best at what you do. See it. Go there. Be it.

4. Do what you love

Phelps was asked how it feels to be the worlds fastest swimmer.
He said, "I don't think about it like that. I think of it
as something I love to do and I am having fun with it."
Champions do what they love and love what they do. The
amount of time it takes to achieve the level where you're
competing against the best of the best and come out on top
means you must be extraordinary.

To be extraordinary, sometimes you have to give up some of
the things normal people do like hanging out with friends, eating
fatty fast foods, staying up late and vegging out for hours in front
of the tv. Instead you use those hours to practice and with the
hours in between, you treat your mind/body like the fine tuned,
high performing machine that it is.

Phelps recognized he had the opportunity of a lifetime. When
asked what scarifies he had to make for swimming, he said,
"Doing normal high school kid things was something
I was willing to give up. I know I won't have
opportunities like this in the sport for the rest of my life."

What areas of your life could you rearrange or re prioritize in
order to raise another certain area of your life to new levels?
What could you let go of to make room for the Goals and Dreams
you truly desire?

5. Finish Strong

The race that absolutely left me speechless was the"Miracle Finish"
in the race between Phelps and Serbia's Milorad Cavic. In the
final seconds, it appeared Phelps would come in second. In the
last few feet at the finish, Cavic coasted to the end while Phelps
fought for it with everything he had. Even when Cavic had the
lead, Phelps never gave up. He fought to the finish. I wondered
how many times in life we go 90% of the way there only to fizzle
out or coast at the end. Regardless of whether you think you
have it won or not, give it your all right up to the very end.

That's what Champions do.

I learned in working with my Trainers Darin and Cordell, that
your greatest growth comes when your muscles burn and
fatigue and every sensation is telling you to quit. At first it seems
like that's all you have left. But those one or two extra reps
AFTER that point are the key.

That extra effort is where the real growth and magic happens.
These few lessons are just some of what I extracted from
watching Michael Phelps become the greatest Olympian of all
time. They are things that you and I can easily do every single
day if we simply apply them to our lives.

Unleash your inner Champion.

Live Your Dreams,
Jill Koenig
Jill Koenig, the "Goal Guru" is America's Top Goal Strategist.
A best selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, she is
an expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Time Management
and Business Success. Her Goal in life is to help you UNLEASH
your untapped potential. Learn cutting edge Goal Strategies

Media Requests: Jill Koenig is a dynamic high energy tv and
radio guest available for interviews and corporate speaking
I believe these Five Pillars go well with the past few post
of the Three Pillars. When put all together they should
help us all reach all of our goals, dreams, and desire's.
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mentoring For Free the Source of Success for Leadership Development in Action

Welcome back for Pillar Three

What is Pillar three, the inner conflicts. You have to resolve
the inner conflicts, because 80% of success is your inner
psychology, and 20% is the mechanics..

Will wonders never cease?

So those inner conflicts are when you take two steps forward
and then three steps back. You know what I mean right!
When you say I'm totally commited to accomplishing this
desire. And you dont follow through.

Scary thought, isn't it?

So you need to think of this third pillar as a vault you have to
unlock. The way you unlock this vault and unleash your inner
conflict is to identify the conflicts. Get clear on what they are,
And get clear on what is most important to you today.

And guess what?

Not what you think you should do based on an old blueprint
of how you have been living your life. Align your life with what
you really value, and what is most important to you. And once
your aligned you need to take action.

And it wont even feel like work

Because once your aligned and you take action all signs say
you will achieve what your focused on. Achive, succeed and
celebrate! And then contribute!

The best way to contribute is by becoming a Mentor yourself.
Learn how that works at Mentoring for Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mentoring for Free Actions, Creating the Vision that Matters Most

Welcome back for the Second Pillar

For the Second Pillar you've got to get the best. When I say
get the best, I mean get the best tools. Get the best map, get
the best Mentor. You can find the best at Mentoring For Free.

For the best map "Success in 10 Steps"

What you want to avoid is running east looking for a sunset.
You have to stay focused on your outcome. And having the
best guarantees a much better chance for success, in a much
quicker time frame.

So here's the deal

It's really critical in your life to get a map, and get a mentor,
because the map may very well change over time. But your
mentor will be there to keep you on track and focused on your
outcome. Just like the space shuttle when it blast away from
the rocket, it's off course most of the time. But with a Mentor
there is no "Houston we have a problem"

How about that

Who has the best mentors. Someone who is the best at what
they do. Knows some shortcuts, or they know when the road
is starting to change. And can keep you on course, so you're
not stuck in the desert when you need to be at the ocean.
Modeling the best is the foundation that will put you face to
face with the giants in your chosen field. Making you ten feet
tall and bulletproof

The best kevlar vest are at Mentoring For Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Set Sail with Mentoring for Free- It's More Than a Three Hour Tour

Pillar One is get focused and clear, on what's compelling in
your vision for your future. Take inventory of where you are
in your life. Really look at where you are and dont lie.

Now you have to decide where do you want to be.

And you have to make it so compelling you cant help but
want to be there right now. So when you wake up in the morning
you want to jump out of bed and take on the challenge of
transforming you life into the vision you have burning inside for
that future you really want to be living,

Create a monster craving for your vision

This is the beginning of what makes the quality of your life better
already. Because you are so excited about what you are after.
When you do that with your body or your emotions, or your
finances or your time or any other area. You are focusing and
your clear, your going to have energy, your going to have drive.
Your going to start to do something.

How do you make sure what your doing really works?

You make that decision that this is your purpose, because
without purpose people are like a ship without a rudder. Just
being pushed around by circumstances. Once you have a true
purpose, decisions are easy, inner-conflict disappears, and with
the help of a mentor you sail on course straight to your destination.

Set your sail with a Mentor from Mentoring for Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Mentoring for Free Creates Success- Three Purposeful Pillars for Action

If your going to change any area
in your life you do three things
1) You focus on it and you get
clear and compelling reasons
for what you want. If your
business is not where you want
it to be, there's one simple reason.
Your not focused on it. What you
focus on, that's where the energy
goes, so thats where you go.
Focus your energy on Mentoring for Free
2) Focus on what you want, not what you dont want.
And not only just focusing on what you want. It's focusing and
making it compelling. Like I want the energy to burn, then
I'll have more passion and more livelyness. I'll be able to
make an impact. I'll be able to take my business to another
level. I'll have abundant creativity flowing through me and,
I'l have fun instead of feeling stressed out and tired.
If it's not fun, you're doing it wrong

3) You cant just focus on it you have to create a clear and
compelling vision of what you want in your future in all
areas. A vision that will pull you toward it, so it's not like your
trying to push yourself for some unatainable goal. You want it
to feel effortless. If there is an area your not improving in
there are three reasons for that. Three pillars if you will.
Look for Pillar One tomorrow
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mentoring For Free -Changing What You've Always Done

Is today the day you make a conscious decision to do what
ever it takes to make changes in your life and attract the amazing
things you've always dreamed about?

It means that to solve a problem and change your life - you
need to make dramatic changes in the way you think and the
actions you take.

If you've been "zigging" - it may be time to "zag."

In other words - change your thinking/change your life. You
may need to do an about-face or turn things around 180 degrees.
I dont know where the sayng originated. And it's not really of
importance. But what is important, is the long term effects it
can have on your life.

"Remember...if you always do what you've always done - you'll
always have what you have right now. Is this acceptable to you?
I hope not.

If you want to break free from your everyday struggles. And
change your life drastically, you need to follow a proven system
that works consistently, day after day, year after year. And
Mentoring for Free has been that system for nearly four
years running. And growing everyday.

In fact, once you learn these practices - they never stop working
for you. And it's taught step-by-step by the numerous
leaders developed through the Mentoring for Free system.

So, how would you like to have someone in your life to give you
the support you need to help you break free and start on a new
path once and for all, so you can attract everything you want in
every area of your life?

To walk you through a step-by-step, simple-to-follow process
for taking responsibility for your life and attracting anything
you want? That's the kind of one-on-one personal support you
get in Mentoring for Free

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mentoring For Free, Girl Scout Cookies, and NAC Wizardry

Mentoring For Free is helping people with their big changes.
As I mentioned in my previous post, we are creatures of habit.
And we will fight change every step of the way. Even when we
know it is for the best, for every one involved.

Here are a couple videos to help with the change

Jim Rohn Will Change Your Life

Tony Robbins Live an Extrordinary Life

I hope these two videos help you with change, like these two
gentlemen have helped me make great changes in my life.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Powerful Networking Secrets of Mentoring For Free, Provide the Colors to Success in 10 Steps

Why do we fight success? Because success
requires change, that's why. Think about it
we get our present results from our current
knowledge and habits. To get new results, we
have to learn new skills. These new skills are
unfamiliarto us, they're things we don't know
now, and they will require us to change.
And we all hate change!
We as human beings are creature's of habit, and we will fight
change every step of the way. So we keep using our same
knowledge, practicing our same habits and relying on our
old skills, and hope the results will be different. Someone once
said that is the definition of insanity.
Now here is something really uncomfortable.
After reading this, we have a decision to make.
1) We could choose to learn new skills- Mentoring For Free
2) Read a controversial book- Success in 10 Steps
3) Buy some CDs with new skills- Colors to Success
4) Learn something new, outside of our current knowledge
and comfort zone.- Powerful Networking Secrets
Remember, it is the things that we don't know, the things that
we think are bizarre or unbelievable, that have the best chance
of giving us the new results we want And remember, we hate
change. Just like our distributors, who unknowingly fight success
every step of the way.
Help them make the change to Mentoring for Free
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Success in 10 Steps, Not Just Another Ebook it's an MLM Education

Several years ago, MLM
veteran Michael Dlouhy
wrote the ebook
The ebook shows you many
reasons so many people fail
in network marketing.
It's fascinating to discover that
some MLM companies set out
to find a compensation plan
that greatly rewards a few
people, and pays virtually
nothing to the 99% of reps
looking to build a business
part-time to achieve their
You'll learn a lot about these aspects of network marketing
and much more in the ebook "Success In 10 Steps" by
MLM veteran Michael Dlouhy. This ebook is free, and it's
part of a very effective lead generation system that Dlouhy
sells for only $20 a month.
Michael Dlouhy spells out the "make a friend" formula that
he has used, which has been very effective. Networkers really
find this way of doing business pretty easy, which is probably
why the lead generation system has been so productive
You also get a step-by-step long-term relationship-building
plan to make you successful in network marketing But even
more than that, because the book doesn't mention any company
or product, it is a tool I highly recommend because lots of
network marketers now use it to generate their own targeted
MLM leads.
The biggest reason for the popularity of network marketing
is the idea that if you can get a lot of people to do a few simple
things, it can be very profitable for you. You get the details of
this idea and many others in Michael Dlouhy's classic ebook,
You can get your very own copy of "Success in 10 Steps",
right now. And start to understand what Michael Dlouhy
joined 100 MLM Companies to learn. Why it's not your fault,
if your not successful yet, in your network marketing business.
Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring for Free, The System, The Training, The Success in 10 Steps

When you talk to anyone about joining your
network marketing business, one of the
most important factors in their mind is the
training. They need to see that you or
your group is doing real training.

Not just call friends and family

They need to know that it's easily accessible for them, and that
it's not an overwhelming course. Plus, they want to make money
as quickly as possible. If it's a training course that takes weeks
or months, you will lose them.

So they need to see that it's quick and easy.

Mentoring For Free is like that, its quick, it's easy, and with
the archived training calls. You and your people can even
learn at their own pace, andon your own schedule.

The thought process for most people is, they quickly realize that
they will need help training the recruits they bring into the
business. The more time they have to spend training, the less
time they will have to actually bring in new people. So the ideal
situation is to be part of a team that does training for all the
team members and the new associates they bring in.

Mentoring For Free is like that, its quick, it's easy, and with
the archived training calls. You and your people can even
learn at their own pace, and on your own schedule.

Have them listen in on some of the training calls and show them
all the help they'll get. Make sure they have your email & phone
number, plus your sponsor's, so they can get in touch with you
whenever they need to. Your recruits want assurance that you
will be there for them.

Mentoring For Free is like that, its quick, it's easy, and with
the archived training calls. You and your people can even
learn at their own pace, andon your own schedule.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring For Free, Modeling the Vision of Success

Network marketing business plans
vary, so finding a model that creates
business success is essential. Whenever I
do something new I look for a model first.
I look for a person who has already done
what I want, and take a close look at exactly
what they did and how they did it.

I may not follow their plan exactly, but when you understand
the parts of that model, you can save yourself a lot of trial and
error. You have put yourself in a much closer position to success.
That's just another way of saying,

"Don't re-invent the wheel."

The people who will build your network marketing business
and income are the people with big dreams. If you can show
them a step-by-step plan to achieve what they want in life.
And if they believe that it's something they can do and that you
can help them.

You'll get a steady stream of people in your business.
To help you train your people for success in network marketing,
I recommend the best step by step duplicatable system
on the internet. Although most of the training is done live in
real time. The archive calls and notes, just cant be beat for
studying at your own pace.
Just push play to learn a new strategy.
Don't delay your success any longer, give Mentoring for Free
a chance to help. You can get started with the free ebook
"Success in 10 Steps" and get a jump start on your
understanding of the Personality Colors.
Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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