Thursday, May 22, 2008

Socially Acceptable Behavior Can Kill Your Network Marketing Compensation Pay

Did you understand your network marketing companies
compensation plan the first time you saw it drawn out on the
white board ? Do you understand it now ? Don't feel bad, most
people have NO clue how they get paid by their network
marketing home based business.

One lady learned this week how her company set her up for
failure by putting 1 small word on the company website. Do
you know what that one word is, and how many companies
put it on your website almost as a guarantee that it will
make you fail?

Spillover creates risk of death

If your network marketing bonus check is shrinking or not
growing like you were told that it would? Spillover could be
the cause of this catastrophy. Dead beat brother inlaws
have been known to be spilled into position's of potential wealth
by upline guru's, to keep peace in their household.

It is essential to learn how to look into the crystal ball and see
what effect this unshakable truth about your compensation plan
is having on your success. This is after all your business, you
should learn for yourself which proven formula in compensation
plans works for the success you feel you deserve.

You can learn this from some of the most successful teachers,
trainers, and mentors that this great industry has to offer.
Network marketing home business skills are best
learned in Mentoring For Free.

Skills wont cure Spillover

We all know dedicated and talented people that practically work
on their network marketing business around the clock, they
are brilliant social networkers, they have huge advertising
budgets, good products... everything seems to be going right for
them, except they can't get their check to where they want and
it starts crumbling the minute they rest.

And that's because the compensation pay plan drives the
behavior in the field. You cannot change the behavior, you can
only work with that behavior. Do you know what yours is. Does
it match your skills, or drain you. You can learn how to work
with these dibilitating compensation plans. You just need to
learn how in this guide book "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

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Bill Tessore said...

Hi Gary,

Cool pic of the "Grim Reaper". I can almost hear him cackling.

What an excellent icon for the combination of disinformation, and ignorance used to kill the hopes and dreams of good people while draining their wallets and spirits.

I too fell into the trap once of placing "dead beats" into a matrix on the hopes of getting spillover from a "heavy hitter" that had been placed at the top of the matrix. Guess what didn't happen?

Well, suffice it to say what did happen was that grim reaper came along and mowed down my dreams.

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore
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