Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Network Marketing is a Social Marketing Business, Calling Cold Leads is the Death of Networking Success

This week Mentoring for Free will be training on the 5 Pillars
And although it's not Pillar 1, it still is one that needs to be
taken into careful consideration when analyzing a company.

Because Pillar 5 is crucial to your success and the people you
bring into your network marketing business. Pillar 5 is a
duplicatable system , that anybody, that's anybody can
plug into and start using right away.

Since 96% of the people in your network marketing business
will be part time people. They need a system that is easy to use
and then, they have to be able to share it with their new people.

Which means that some one in another country, that is on your
10th level needs to be able to join today and be able to use your
system. They need to be able to generate leads to build their
business, which in network marketing means they also build
your business.

So why would you make it difficult for them to build your business
by having them buy and call cold leads. I know some
people say you need 100 NO's to know how good a yes feels.

What a bunch of bull that is!

If 3 hurt bad, why go through 100

What you and your people need is an easily duplicatable system
that has 90% of your leads leaning forward, asking to hear more.

It is possible, it is happening

So if you would like to learn how to generate your own leads,
and be able to teach them how to do the same. It all starts with
reading the e-book "Success in 10 Steps" download it now.

And I will be in touch, to see if this is a fit for you

Your Friend in Success

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