Monday, May 5, 2008

So You Want to be A Social Network Star

Online, image is everything. If your website looks homemade,
takes ages to load, and doesn't display properly in everyone's
browser, you're in trouble. Your fans will be few and far
between. You only have a few seconds to capture someone's

Now comes the tricky part, keeping thier attention long enough
to tell them your story. You cant forget content. Content will
bring your visitors back again and again. If your site doesn't offer
something that your target market needs or wants, like a free
e-book "Success in 10 Steps" your image won't help you.

Right now we are assuming that you have a site that offers
valuable content. . Second only to content, your image is your
greatest asset. A clean, clear image that mirrors your content
will make you more respectable in the eye's and minds of fans.

Now let's spice up your online image, not like these POP stars

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