Monday, May 19, 2008

Social Networking the Mandatory Manners for Network Marketing

The social marketer in my last post was very uninformed of
the etiquette involved in the relationship building that is
needed in social networking.

Here a social networker replies.

Hi Will Rekrootalot

Do you want the number for tomorrow's call?

We have invited you several times to download the free ebook
"Success in Ten Steps" so you will know what we have learned
since leaving IT, but so far you have not taken us up on our

Without reading that book, you are speaking Phoenician and we
are speaking Lutonian, and we will never understand each other.
We have yet to figure out why people from IT approach us for
their new ventures without seriously looking at what we have

Many people praise us for whatever reason, and invite us into
their downline. Our question is always "If you think we are
that good, and that worthy of being business partners with you,
why would you not listen to what we have learned?"

Baffling, sir!

You say that you have been burned in several other companies
and yet you will not take the simple step of downloading and
reading a short book called "Success in Ten Steps" by
Michael Dlouhy who has 30 years experience in the industry
and who is now the top distributor in his company. He has been
financially independent for the past 17 years. With that
background, it makes sense to us that we should listen to him!

We tried to talk you out of BIG when you called us, and then
we tried to get you to question MUD when you called us again.
Each time we offered you the book "Success in Ten Steps,"
and each time you have ignored our invitation.

It makes no sense to us that someone would continue to refuse
to get educated about the industry. Without a different approach
and some fresh knowledge, we are all doomed to continue to

repeat our previous mistakes.

After you read "Success in Ten Steps" and listen to three
training calls, we will tell you about our company if you are
interested. Without that education, our company will look just like
any other and MUD will look like a five pillar company which
it is not.

In our last conversation, I asked you if you could find the answer
to the 10K question for MUD. Here it is again ..."How many active
distributors do I need in my downline to generate a walk away
residual income of $10,000 per month?"

You called back with your upline and left a message on our
machine, but you did not have an answer to the question. Our
calculations (and we are open to discussion and correction) show
that to earn 10K per month in MUD, one would need about
2800 active reps.

With our company, we need about 400. That means you are
working 7 times harder than we are to make a dime.
Why would we leave our five pillar company to join you and
work 7 times harder?

Makes no sense.

Your new weight loss product does not matter, as it's not about
the product. Attendees at the conference do not matter, as it's
not about the doctors or the number of people in the audience.

Excel had 20000 reps at convention and football heroes on
stage and James Brown and Fuzzy Zoeller in the business and
we still made no money and the company still went belly up.

David Beckham wears an Herbalife jersey, Donald Trump is
said to promote ACN, Shaklee claims Oprah and
Zrii claims Chopra, and NONE of it puts a penny in your pocket.

It just doesn't matter.

What matters is your pay plan and your policies and procedures.
MUD's pay plan is stingy and your policies and procedures are
34 pages long. A HUGE RED FLAG. They include clauses
re: ongoing personal sales and ongoing training.
That means you can never retire. I don't know about you, but I
don't want to be doing this when I'm 92.

Last year we were invited by MUD to take a free trip to Utah to
be offered a position in the company. It could even have been a
position above you! We declined, not just because of MUD's
poor pay plan and overpriced products and underpaid reps
and scary policies and procedures, but because we refuse to
work with any company that plays "Let's Make A Deal".

Nobody in MUD can ethically claim that the MUD opportunity
provides a level playing field if deals are being made above them.
Binaries invite that sort of behaviour it seems.

So, Will , please let us know when you are ready to listen.

Each time we send you an invitation to a free training call which
will help you and your team, you reply with an invitation to a
company which we know is not five pillar. Please be assured that
we are not prospects. We have found a five pillar company that
pays us very well and treats us with dignity.

If you'd like to accept our offer of free training and a chance to
figure out why those previous 5 companies failed you, just let
us know. You can start with the free ebook
" Success in Ten Steps" and we can proceed from there.

If you don't want to read or listen to that book, please let us know
and we will take you off our mailing list. Not the best solution, as
we like to help people avoid the mistakes that we have made in
the past.

We look forward to helping you any way we can.

Dedicated to your success,
Bob and Anna Beskepsecret

I hope this letter written from a social networking point of
view helps you understand the difference between the two. For
a personal experience of up close and personal social networking
and how to use it to be successful at it join us

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