Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Randy Gage's Network Marketing Manifesto, Creating The Prosperity Revolution

Here is a recent message I recieved from Randy Gage

Most of you know about "The MLM Revolution, the Manifesto
I'll be releasing on January 1, one minute after midnight. But
almost 3,000 more of you have subscribed to this Leadership
report since the notice of that was sent. So for you guys that
have heard this, please forgive the repetition.

But this is important. Really important.

For our profession to reach the level of acceptance it deserves,
for each of us to attain the success we are seeking, and for the
business to truly help the millions of people that need it right
now - we have to get better.

As distributors, as leaders, and as professionals.

That's why I'm writing the manifesto. It's a brutally honest look
at what we do great, and what we do horrible. Like the five lies
that never seem to die, the seven most deceptive recruiting
practices, and the scams, schemes and money games that
masquerade as legitimate programs. We have to police
ourselves, and clean up our own house.

Most importantly, the Manifesto is a call for what can be.

We need to lead by example and set higher standards. We
need to be amazing. And we can be.

But it won't be easy. Or quick. But we can do it.

And the time to do it is NOW.

The economy is tanking almost everywhere in the world.
Millions of jobs are being eliminated. Whole industries are
facing extinction. People have seen their retirement plans
and investments eviscerated. They are desperate.

And we can help them.

So I'm asking for your help.
Please go to http://GageManifesto.com and sign up, so you
get the Manifesto as soon as it is released. Then spread the
word to the critical thinkers, and people of influence
who can become agents of change in our profession. We've got
to get the word out to the next generation of leaders.

Then on January 1, as soon as you receive the instructions,
download the document and read it. Then continue the
dialogue as we lock arms and make our profession the shining
beacon of hope it can be.

We only have a couple days more to build the critical mass
necessary to become the change we seek.

I hope you will join the Revolution!


P.S. The Manifesto isn't meant for the masses. It's not
really for the product users, small retailers, or people that
like to play store. It's really for the people that see NM as a
profession. Please get the word out to them and send them to:

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

How The New Year Brings Your Home Based Business a New List of Resolutions

Are you gonna stay ON track or get off track?

Every week or every several weeks it seems like there is a
new product launch promoted by all the usual suspects.

Nothing wrong with that.

A lot of these products bring fine value to the table. They all
show screen caps of huge amounts of dough brought in during
relatively short time spans.

The implication being that if they can do THAT, the smaller
amount of money you need must be a piece of cake.

That's all well and good.

But before you spend your $1,000 or $2,000, there are a few
things you need to consider:

1. What will happen to the validity of the method once everyone
jumps on the bandwagon? This is a valid concern. Products
that contain seo or ppc tricks are likely to NOT work after
Google hammers down on 'em, as Google seems to love to do.

Anytime anyone figures out how to beat others in getting an
advantage with Google, and widely promotes it, it seems to
break down.

The BEST approach with Google is to seek out Evergreen
strategies and things that aren't widely promoted. I see quite
a few methods promoted where the promoter knows darned
well that after the product launch, it'll fall apart. PPC and
SEO software programs or strategies are particularly vulnerable.

2. Is this method really valid for your normal marketer?
So let's say John Doe made 1 million dollars in a second. All well
and good. But how valid is the method for YOU?

For example, let's say the money was made in a huge product
launch in a niche. That's fine. But do YOU possess the credibility
to go into a niche and do the same thing?

The argument can be made you don't need similar credibility.
But is it true? Or let's say the person is killing it on Google PPC.
But then you later find out they're a super duper whiz with
spreadsheets and have better attention to detail than an

Is THIS really gonna be your cup of tea?

If you're good with numbers, go for it. But if you aren't, you
might think twice. There's more than one way to skin a cat as
the old saying goes.

3. Is the product ALL strategy or are the actual technical details
covered? If you can handle the technical details on your own,
then this isn't a big ordeal. But what I see a lot is people buy
products that are all strategy and they aren't given the tools to
actually implement them.

So for example, they may be told to create PDF's, audio and
video and distribute them to affiliates for promotions. But
there are no instructions on how to set up the affiliate program,
create the pdf's, audio and video.

So at the end of the day, you're all EXCITED but NOT
empowered to DO anything. To actually implement it. Sure,
it sounded good. But where are the step-by-step instructions?

4. Does this method REALLY fit with your overall model or
plan? One of the things beginners and even intermediate
marketers seem to have a problem with is choosing and
sticking with ONE game plan.

You can sell affiliate products. Or you can promote CPA offers.
Or you can create and sell your OWN products. But you gotta
pick one model and stick with it.

Some would question that.

But I just don't think a person, especially someone relatively
new to the business can do more than one of these effectively.
You use different methods to promote affiliate programs than
you do CPA lead offers. And it's a different learning curve for
creating and selling your own products.

What often happens is you're on one game plan. But then
everybody and their dog promotes a new, more exciting
method that sounds like a lot EASIER dough.

So then you jump ship.

Until the NEXT easier method comes along. Understand that
the NUMBER of people promoting an offer has nothing to do
with its actual value. It has to do with how skilled a networker
the person is and what their relationships are.

That is, which cliche are they in? Are they in the Cali cliche?
The UK cliche? You know, there are different groups of
marketers who all stick together and promote each others
offers, even if they don't feel it's the best match to their
philosophy or for their list.

Nothing wrong with this. But you as an astute consumer
should know what you're looking at.

5. Can you sort out the different models? There are a few basic
approaches to the online Game:

a. Creating and selling your own info products
b. Selling on ebay
c. Promoting dropship products through seo
d. Promoting Clickbank products through ppc
e. Promoting CPA offers via ppc or paid advertising
f. Pure seo plays
g. Selling plr or reprint rights products
h. Joint venture marketing
i. Product launch plays (part of a)

When offers come out, you need to figure out FIRST which
bucket it belongs in. And ask yourself if that's the bucket
you're working on or specializing in.

Just because a chorus of angels (Internet marketers?) all
swear a product they've never even seen yet is great doesn't
make it the cat's meow. It might be. Could be.

But your own examination and scrutiny is warranted.

If you're doing PPC marketing and it's an seo play, then pass.
If it's a joint venture method that requires you to have your
own products and you're doing affiliate marketing stuff, then

See, you gotta know what PLAY you're running. You can't run
one play and in the middle of it go, "Oh, wait. This sounds better.

No wait! This grass is greener."

One week marketers are all screaming... PPC to Clickbank!
It rocks. Buy this. So that is one model. The next week it's,
"No wait. My bad. Product launches rock. Do that instead!"
Next week it's, "Affiliate marketing rules! Forget what I said
the last two weeks! Affiliate marketing is what it's ALL about."

This week it's CPA marketing, "OMG -- CPA marketing. It's
the greatest. Go over to my friends site because in 6 weeks
when I do MY launch, I want him to reciprocate a mailing."

The Game and the Dance of product launches, reciprocal emails
and back scratching goes on and on. Not that it's wrong or bad.
Hey, it's business. And there's nothing wrong with it. I
promote on occasion for a few of my friends.

Let's be honest here.

But here's the PROBLEM I got with it. A big problem. You,
as the consumer, are often left scratching your head which
way to go. Now, in my business I teach people how to create
and sell their own info products.

That's dominantly what I do.

And the reasons for that are many. I believe it's the best long
term, evergreen strategy, although it certainly isn't the only
one. But I think of a massive product launch that was made
based on getting top seo positioning and drop shipping
products. Next thing you know Google had changed the rules!

And all of a sudden the chorus was pay-per-click marketing!
So part or all of that learning curve you went through on the
seo was WASTED and now it's a NEW learning curve of PPC!
Which is good for the marketer because it keeps you buying
info products and attending seminars and buying coaching

But is it good for YOU the consumer?

Product launches are ALL based on something new and
exciting. Because people easily get disenchanted with the
work it takes to create and sell their own products. Or the
work it takes to really do ANY method, frankly.

There is no way to make a lot of dough that doesn't require a
brain or effort. ANY method you use has some sort of Achilles
heel. Something you won't like about it. And you can do well
with about ANY method.

I just like things where you go through the learning curve once,
or as few learning curves as possible and they last. Not that
you'll ever completely avoid learning curves.

What is your MODEL?

That's the question here. And are you going to STICK to
your model when the going gets a little tough? Or are you
going to jump ship to the greener grass on the other side of
the road? Think twice before you do. That's all I'm saying.

Because realize that marketers have a vested interest in selling
you the greener grass on the other side of the road that spawns
new learning curves, seminars and coaching programs.
Nothing wrong with that at all.

But you, as an educated consumer, should know what the
Game is and how to play it for YOUR advantage, not the

Marlon Sanders ----------------------------------------

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full and overflowing, check it out NOW!

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I hope Marlon's article helps you in determining the game plan
for your home business. Because strategies and tactics are
constantly changing when it comes to marketing on the internet.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring For Free, Jack Humphrey and Blog Success a Five Pillar Comparison

I was listening to Jack Humphrey earlier this evening. He
hosted a webinar on "Making Money with Your Blog". And
at the end he was offering a 7 day Free trial to his new
membership site.

Blog Success

I think I will take him up on it. Because he is offering the new
version of "The Black Book for 2009". And a couple other
free bonuses just for checking out his system

On the webinar Jack was discussing his 5 Pillars for having
success with your blog.

1) Your Blogging Mindset
2) Your Content Development
3) Traffic
4) Monetization
5) Technical Aspects

When he makes the recording available I will put a link on my
blog for you to listen. But till then I suggest you check out
"Blog Success" for the "Black Book"

Business Success

Now there is another 5 Pillars, that we discuss alot in
Mentoring For Free. And these pillars have to do with what
you need in a network marketing company, to be successful.

Mentoring For Free's Saturday training call will be covering
these 5 Pillars

1) Company Management Experience with INTEGRITY

2) Timing in the Company, Timing in the Industry

3) A Remarkable Product (Your Purple Cow)

4) Compensation Plan for Part Time People

5) A Duplicatable System

You are welcome to join us on this FREE training call Saturday's
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And I'll send you the call in information to join us.

Your Friend in Success

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Does Blog Success Mean Making Money With Your Blog

Does Blog Success Mean Making Money With Your Blog

Live Webinar Tomorrow! December 17

Join Jack Humphrey as he discusses a very important topic.
"How To Make Money Blogging."

Jack will teach you how to make money with your blog using
all the methods he uses.

On Jack Humphrey's webinar you will learn:

* Why blogging is the biggest opportunity on the web today
* 31 tips pro bloggers use everyday to make money
* The 5 Pillars of successful blogging and how to master them
* Which blogging system is the best by a long shot
* Why blogging has become big business
* And how you can benefit
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Friday, December 5, 2008

What If We All Lived in a Yellow Submarine

That is how you can look at a yellow personality. They like
everyone and everything to be warm, happy, and comfortable.
They dont like confrontation, and despise bullies.

Know anyone like that.

You can spot a yellow personality a mile away. How? By the
bright warm glow around them. And the big smile and when
you get close enough, they give you a big warm hug.

They prefer to be naked

Well maybe not naked, but really comfortable. You wont find
them wearing tight fitting clothes, or red spike heels at the mall.
They prefer to be around friends and family, sharing warmhearted
stories about thier loved ones.
And saving puppies

Here's a good example. Let me introduce you to a yellow
personality who, they say gives the best hugs in the world. I'll
let you read her story and see how warm you get from her
bright smile. And feel the warm hug wrap around you as she
describes the love of her life. Click Here.

See inside the Yellow Submarine

Join us in Mentoring for Free and experience the personality
colors first hand with a free Teleseminar. There are no obligations,
there are no charges.
You just need this ebook "Success in 10 Steps".
And and open mind.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Your Network Marketing Business Plan Needs Green Details

Your network marketing business plan needs Green details
so you dont forget steps from day to day. If you're like me life
has a tendency to throw you off track.

But the Green personality has a habit of analyzing every detail
of thier day. They make up 35% of the population, and are some
of the smartest people we know. And they will let you know too.

These people cant be rushed into anything, because they have
to have all the details of any situation. They specialize in creating
systems, with step by step details so they dont forget what
comes next.

Get the idea? Of course you do.

Mentoring for Free has some great Green personalities
involved in refining and expanding the system. One of those
Green personalities is Sarah Thompson.

Sarah did a couple of training calls recently, where she laid out
her step by step development of her marketing and business
plan. She gives you explicit details how she plans her day.

Download and listen to this 60 minute's of successful and easy
to follow business planning. Learn the turkey dinner method.
The magic of her 3 x 5 cards. How to track and plan your days

So here's the deal.

Right click and save this training call "Sarah Thompson"

Download the ebook "Success in 10 Steps" and I'll invite
you to the live "Personality Colors Training"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Color's Week, Blue Emotion Creates Purple Haze

Denny Dent displaying his amazing talent and creativity.You
can view more of his work on YouTube

The blue personality is just 15% of the population, but they
see the big picture instantly. Did you see anything on the wall
before he started?

The blue personality just wants to have fun, and forget about
all those pesky details. Someone else will see to those.That
personality I will cover in another post.

They want things happening quickly, all the time. Or they get
bored and will move on. That's in work, in business and also in
love. Keep it exciting for them.

You can learn more about the personality colors in the
classic FREE ebook "Success in 10 Steps".

Download your copy today, and I'll invite you to the
Personality Colors training call on Saturday.

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Your Friend in Success
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Business Warning: How They Rob You Under The Radar

I never realized there was so much stuff I didn't want.
And now that December is here, and all the Christmas
giveaway's will be starting. I vow not to sign up for any
of them, this year.

I still have folders of free stuff I never used from the
last couple of giveaways. These people are nice and
they mean well. But thats where the robbery starts.

Time is our most precious commodity

They have put in a lot of time setting up thier system
of JV partners. And getting all thier products ready
for us to download. Creating all the autoresponder
messages that go along with the upsell process.

It's just giving your prospect a puppy.

In sales terms it's called the puppy dog close. Let
the prospect take the product home and try it out for
14 days, or 30 days it doesn't really matter. The
intention is to get you to use the product, so you will
realize you really need it.

But wait there's more!

Dont forget all the great bonus's included, from some
more of thier marketing friends. Now we end up on
even more list. Time is spent either reading all the
emails, or unsubscribing from them. And now it's
New Years!

Where has all the time gone.

Did we even get a chance to look at all the cool stuff
we got for FREE. Do we even remember where it's at
on our computer. Do the only thing that matters, spend
your time wisely.

One Book, One System

Thats what you get with this simple system that keeps
you organized and effective. You'll know the power of
your focus, and why you must master this step by
step system on how to succeed online. We all know
it's important to build your own lists and followup
with them.

Mentoring For Free teaches you how to quickly
build rapport with your prospect's so they will like
and trust you. Learn how to see the world through
your prospects' eyes. Discover the reasons why
questions are so valuable and important to the success
of your business building efforts.

Hold on, we're not done yet,.

Not only will you find out what works, but we tell you
specifically what does not work,saving you tons of
time! Discover the color combinations that make your
team standout in the crowd. And why it will place
you heads and shoulders above people who don't
understand thier prospects inner drives, and desires.

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Your Friend in Success

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