Saturday, May 17, 2008

Social Marketing Miscues, Will This Belief Make You a Sponsor Monster

I personally wont make this kind of social marketing miscues
helping to get the best education out that allows us to find the
truth.Armed with the truth, it's much easier to have the
confidence and posture required to respond to a letter like this.
We all get bombarded with offers from other companies. We
hope this letter can help anyone respond to 'persistent' people
who won't listen when you tell them you are not a prospect.
He has progressed from irritating to insulting,and we thought
it time to respond.
(The names have been changed to protect the insidious)
----- Original Message -----
From: Will Rekrootalot
To: Anyone who will bite
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: Who Stole Your Bonus Check And Why?
Hi Network Marketing Bait
I guess 99.9% of network marketing companies steal our
dreams. It has happened to me abut 5 times in previous
companies. I guess both you and I have found the 1%.
I am not sure which program you are involved with but MUD
has recently enhanced the Gold level which is to reach $3000.
per month. The initial plan was reach $5,000 per month
Platinum and receive a $250 Car allowance and also a $250.
Travel Allowance.
An announcement was just made that upon reaching Gold
position which I have accomplished last month, by holding Gold
for 3 months we will be earning a $250 car bonus. Awesome.
We reached 4 million monthly sales in April and jumped from
14,000 associates to 40 thousand in the last 3 months.
I think we are about to go into momemtum phase.
My upline SpaceCommander will be in Your Town on
This Tuesday evening giving a Presentation for one of our
groups. I would like to know if you and your friends and family
would like to attend. If so I will give you the address and will
drive up to visit with you.
We are announcing a new patented weight loss product at the
upcoming prelaunch of MUD at the Marriot Hotel at
666 Doyuin Road. All the corporate MUD people including
Dr Kantelya the formulator of MUD will be in attendance.
We are expecting 500 plus people to be at the festivities.
All the best
Will Rekrootalot
I hope you aren't making this kind of miscues in your daily
social marketing efforts. In your prospecting efforts you
want to provide assistance to people for the best response.
To get the best responses be responsible.
Dont Spam and Bribe!
Watch for the response to this letter tomorrow
Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime

Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart

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