Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mentoring For Free and The Mental Cleanse 3, The Science of Faith, Influencing Your Behavior in Social Networking

Social networking requires you to
have a strong focus to accomplish all you
need to do on a consistant basis. Thats
where Mentoring for Free and the
Mental Cleanse clear your inner fog,
making focus your priority. So here is
my lesson from chapter 3.

Think and Grow Rich-Chapter 3

Faith is the belief in the attainment of a chosen desire.To acquire
faith I will continously conduct myself as if my desires are already
in my possession. My state of belief must be strong, and direct,
to be carried out.

I will develop my faith by repeated instructions to my subconcious
mind Which leads to infinite intelligence. And this infinite
intelligence, can be harnessed by me, to create what seems to most
to be impossible results. My mind will take on the nature of the
influences, which I let dominate it. Perfection of this will come
through practice, and action.

Not by merely reading the instructions.

Faith dominated by positive emotions, will create a state of mind,
to be acted upon immediately. With faith I will build my life to
order. Because faith transforms the vibrations of thought into it's
material equivalent.Faith is a self induced state of mind. Powered
by positive emotional auto-suggestion. So I will believe whatever
it is that I repeat to myself over and over again.

Because I am my dominating thoughts.

My thoughts are a magnetic force, which attract the vibrations
of similar thoughts. Which combine in the Infinite Intelligence.
Creating unlimited abundance, of my dominating thoughts and
creates a favorable magnetic attraction. Causing even higher and
more defined vibrations. Arousing my inner genius to propel me
onto achieve any desire I wish to achieve.

The ether is the great cosmic mass of vibration. So my ideas,
plans, and purpose, must be of positive vibrations. Which will
also inspire me to mix faith with these ideas. Next I will
formulate a plan, for the transformation of these desire's into
thier physical reality.

The next step will be for me to put these plans into continuous
positive action. And I will apply these plans with persistance and
determination. Till they are carried out to the desired outcomes.
I will create in me a burning desire.

I will push myself to achieve all that I desire.

And all of that is what I NOW think of as Faith.

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