Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get a Purple Cow for Busines Growth

Every network marketing home business in existence is
looking to have a purple cow.

Your product has to be absolutely remarkable.

All through the history of mankind, there have been millions of
brown cows. They have been created, produced, distributed, and
then just sent to the slaughterhouse.

Your network marketing company's product, has to be that
majestic and remarkable purple cow. The product everyone is
looking for.

Now when you have found what seems to be a purple cow. That
can be your most effective business growth strategy.

Since your biggest network marketing business expense, will be
getting a customer. Milking your purple cow with a variety is

Here is what I believe to be the purple cow of free
network marketing training.

Will Celebrity's Attract Your Success

Think about this for a little while.

Your network marketing homebased online business
company management. Hires, I mean sponsors a top
name celebrity. And this happens quite a bit.

So now a famous spokesperson, mentions a certain
product. Which they dont do, unless they are
rewarded handsomely for it.

Do you really think they are going to be
sponsoring people. Let alone supporting a

Just because their is a bit of notoriety to
some thing. Does'nt mean that the masses are
going to jump all over it.

You still have to go out into the marketplace
and create a desire for your product. Or your
network marketing home business opportunity.

You will have to be the one out there blazing
the trail. So you want to take that into
consideration. When you consider the timing
in the company. And the timing in the industry.

If you are going to be blazing the trail. You
will need a system to plug your people into.
You can plug into ours for free. Free System

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You Cant Climb a Slimy Wall

Your Internet based network marketing opportunities policies and
procedures. May be a compilation of legalese double talk.

And in your face hidden clauses.

The Direct Sellers Association, are the attorney's who work for the
network marketing companies.

Rewriting the policies and procedures. In which these in your face
hidden clauses can attack like a rattlesnake in the grass.

Mentoring For Free, beats the drum and beats the drum. About how
important it is for you to read your policies and procedures.

Or there may be no champagne wishes, and caviar dreams of sitting
on the beach. And drinking out of a coconut.

Your golden years, though they may be good.May require you to
continue working at your network marketing home based business.

That is if you still want to recieve your network marketing check.

The point is the policies and procedures, were designed by the
attorney's to protect the company. And you could be sacrificed, as
you climb the wall. To pay the attorney's, who wrote the rules.

Get your copy of the real rule book. Go Here

A Natural Bourne Identity Crisis

Your choice of a network marketing home based business
opportunity, is like walking a fine line.

I will let you in on a little secret here.

That fine line is this. Either everbody has heard of your network
marketing company. Or no one has heard of it. Timing is everything

The more of a name recognition your new, network marketing
opportunity has. The less of an opportunity exist.

If your network marketing opportunity, has been around a long time.
And everybody has heard of it. People will have a preconcieved
notion of what your company is about.

What do you think of when you hear Amway?

So the thing you want to focus on through building a home based
network marketing business. Is building relationships.

When you get that right. That is when people make huge, massive,
legacy incomes. In a network marketing business opportunity.

To practice relationship building Go Here

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Got the New Wizbangatron in Your Inbox

Internet based ground floor network marketing opportunities.
In the first couple years the network marketing management has
great hopes.

But everytime they hit a bump in the road.The management comes
to a realization that,they need to change things.

And a network marketing company will usually start with the
compensation plan.

Their thinking is we can cut this bonus here. Change this requirement
here. And over time your network marketing company is completely

So your timing in your network marketing company. Is a critical
factor to your success. And you want to take that into consideration.

When the new Wizbangatron 9000, triple matrix. Internet based
home business opportunity, lands in your inbox.

Read the instruction manual.

Timing in a Network Marketing Opportunity

Timing in a network marketing company, and timing in the network
marketing industry. Is a very fine line between success and failure.

Do you have the time to be a trailblazer?

Ground floor network marketing opportunities, pop up everyday.
But is an unproven, network marketing company where you want to
stake your future.

If a network marketing home based internet opportunity is
such a great opportunity now. It will be an even better opportunity
in 2 years.

After it goes through some growing pains. And the necessary
readjustments to the compensation plan have been tweaked, and twisted.

In the meantime, it is critical to your success to get specific network
marketing training. So when the time is right. Your ready!
Try Mentoring For Free

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Man Behind the Curtain is a Network Marketing Illusion

Network marketing opportunities, are popping up everyday.
As an entrepreneur you want backup.

You want your network marketing company's management
to have experience, with integrity. You want them to have
walked the walk. And talked the talk.

You want your network marketing company's management
to have built the business. You want them to have supported
a downline.

Most corporate executives, dont know what it's like. Thier
support goes to the stockholders bottom line.

So be very particular when choosing a
network marketing home based internet business.

You want to analyze, and scrutinize, the policies and procedures.
At the very outset of your investigation. You would'nt buy a
McDonalds franchise, without reading the contract. Would You?

You can get help with this analyzation from Mentoring For Free.

Puzzling Pieces of Policies and Procedures

You want to be associated with a network marketing company,
You can call home. A network marketing company where you can
build your business.

And know your income is safe for you. And for your children's, children.

Now if you have never read your network marketing companies,
policies and procedures. That is a critical mistake on your part.

That is your binding contract, with your network marketing company.

So how do you determine if your network marketing company has true
integrity. It's a simple procedure. You can determine the integrity by
the policies and procedures.

Read your contract.

These are very important pieces of the puzzle. And these five pillars
fit together, just like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece fits with the next,
to make the BIG picture.

These pieces of information, you need to pay very close attention
too. All of the pieces come together very nicely with training from
Mentoring For Free.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Illusion of Network Marketing Security

Because we at Mentoring For Free. Have dared to share these
network marketing secrets, with you.

You will cease to be a victim, forever.

And you will develop a more positive way to build your network
marketing home business.

Out of the 5 Pillars. Pillar 1 is absolutely required.For you to have
walkaway, and sit on the beach, and drink out of a coconut income.

You believe you deserve the very same advantages enjoyed by
network marketing industry insiders. Right!

Pillar 1 starts with network marketing company management
experience. You need the people making the decisions, to have been

Even more important, is they have integrity!

And the integrity is in the details. For a wikipedia of details,
Use my network marketing Desk Reference.

Advertising Confidence in Your Business Pillars

Your network marketing business opportunity, should allow you to.
Build it once, build it big, and build it to pay, your children's children.

And your about to discover how you can break into this
exclusive group!

As an entrepreneur, you need these 5 Pillars in place. In your
network marketing business. Then you'll become more secure, and
confident when promoting, and advertising your business opportunity.

Everything you need to be successful in your network marketing
home based internet business. Can be found in these 5 Pillars.

Pillar 1) Company Management Experience with Integrity

Pillar 2) Timing in the Company/ Timing in the Industry

Pillar 3) Can Average People Make Money

Pillar 4) A Remarkable Product

Pillar 5) A Duplicatable System to Plug People Into

A Strong Foundation, Saves Your Network

Your network marketing home based business requires
certain things. For you to develop that network marketing lifestyle.

You may have no idea these things even exist. It's necessary for you
to comprehend, how important these business secrets are.

Use my Desk Reference

Now when the greeks built thier parthenons.They used pillars
to establish a strong foundation.

Top network marketing companies wont tell you. But,there are
5 essential pillars, that you need to be successful in your
network marketing business opportunity.

It's a simple fact of life, when you know what these 5 Pillars are.
And how to use the 5 Pillars.

Life gets easier, you get richer. Your network marketing business
becomes safer, and your life more satisfying.

Revealing Network Marketings DIRTY Little Secrets

The network marketing home based business landscape, has changed
dramatically. Due to the easy access to the Internet.

SCAMS disguised as MLM Companies, are popping up everyday.
With thier romantic, ground floor, pre-launch advertising campaigns.

And they can leave you with a chronic case of "Bleeding You Dry,
Credit Card Debt". To them you are nothing, but a walking, talking
source of income for them.

And they're all angry at Mentoring For Free. For telling you what they
dont want you to know.

These network marketing secrets, are critical for You to have success
in your network marketing opportunity. The right information is critical.
For you to have a successful network marketing strategy.

You will need this Desk Reference.