Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battling the Power of Procrastination, Dealing with the Contagious Green Disease

We live in the information age today, where we're constantly being
fed offers for the next best thing since sliced bread.All you have to do
is join and magically make money hand over fist.

Oh, just had another offer come in my email.

So what you need to have is a strong power of focus. One that will
bring you the reults you want to see. But you are overwhelmed,with
all the infomation you have acquired on reaching that summit.

Because we go "information crazy"… buying every course,
attending every conference, reading every e-book, listening to
every recording, and dialing into every teleseminar we can find.

I'm gonna do it, Right after this be all, end all program!

Before you know it, a month… six months… or a year has gone by -
and you are no closer to building your life changing network marketing
business. That’s because you’ve spent all your time reading,
studying, and learning the thing you are passionately interested in…
rather than actually DOING it.

Sad to say you are suffering from the contagious Green disease
called analysis paralysis. Which can be cured with the use of
one simple to apply word. And that word is called ACTION!

All the information you are taking in has overloaded your circuits.
You struggle to process it all, constantly sort through it, just to figure
out what to do first. So, instead, you do nothing. You take no action -
other than to order yet another course or report to read.

You don't have to get it right, Just get it going!

You spend all your time reading about starting a business. So there
is no time left to actually start or run a business. Making you an
"armchair entrepreneur" more excited with the Monday
morning idea of entrepreneurship than the actual process of building
a growing prosperous network marketing home business.

Now don"t misunderstand what I'm saying here, acquiring business
knowledge is a worthwhile activity. But without action, that
knowledge is worthless to you. You don’t have to know everything,
or even most of what there is to know - to succeed in most mlm home
business endeavors.

What you need to do is just take some kind of action.

And when you do that on a daily basis you create momentum that
will help carry you to the success you desire.

Whether you're thinking about starting a network marketing home
business or growing an existing one,Mentoring for Free has what
you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

In it, Michael Dlouhy shares the knowledge he has gained from
building and expanding numerous network marketing businesses and
outlines a focused strategy for guiding new business builders through
the four personality colors.

Along the way, Richard Dennis teaches you the different marketing
skills needed in order to excel in this dynamic home business. Along
with "The Standard Dude Show", on Thursday afternoons

Get it all in one place, with one book, one program

You can get a primer on the four personality colors in the free ebook,
"Success in 10 Steps", download the book and enroll in the essential
business building teleseminar, "The Colors to Success"

Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening Day Baseball and Network Marketing, The Best Pitch You'll See all Week


As Yogi Berra once said "That's like dejavu all over again". It's
that tunnel vision that gets you to focus on that one particular plan
of action. And allows you to follow it through to completion, and
establish you as the leader.

And being the leader makes you the expert.

Now if you had to go in for some type of medical operation, you
would want the expert. Right? of course you would, we all would.
And if everybody is looking for the expert, You must be the expert.
That's how you effectively position yourself in your business field.

You must be the expert, the go to guy everyone looks for.

Now this does not mean you need to know every bit of stuff that
goes in the stuff. Or what secret island the one-eyed, left handed
leprechauns, pick the magic ingredients that go into the stuff. Just
tell them to"Try it you might like it." Of course that might not
go over to well with your business model.

Because if your in a network marketing company, with a business
model that relies on you to, recruit, recruit, recruit, for you to
make any money. Then your products might be just a bit too high
priced. And the recurring income from the retail side of the business
just doesn't work to well.

Seventh inning stretch, time to change the focus!

And besides in network marketing your product is not the product.
Your product is people. And when you are the expert, and you can
build your people. Your people will build your business. That of course
depends on your business model, and how people get paid.

One aspect of being the expert is, knowing where all the important
information can be found. Being a master pointer makes you look all
that more knowledgeable, to your people. Because in this manner you
are giving people the information. And letting them judge for
themselves, how important it is to them. Instead of forcing it on
them from your perspective.

The windup, and the pitch

Why I mention all of this is because it has been brought to my
attention that "Business Models Drive the Behavior " And
in network marketing that is a huge factor in not only your success.
But also everybody that you introduce into this business.

As an expert, and master pointer. I would like to point you in the
direction of a free teleseminar on this very subject.
"Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field"

It is on Saturday night March 29 at 9:00 PM Eastern time.
To register for the call and get the free companion e-book click on
the link below. You'll be on your way to being the expert.
"Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The MLM Mastermind Partnership, Showing You What it Takes to Grow Your Business

Main stream network marketing still hasn't got it.

I have something to share with you today that if acted upon,can be
teaching you how to be a real success in this industry..There are
large groups of network marketing leaders still preaching to people
to harass their friends and family, bug people in grocery store lines,
or at best... buy useless generic leads and cold call like a telemarketer.

Scary thought isn't it.

I don't know whether it's the leaders of these companies that are so
clueless about how to actually mentor and guide people. Teaching
what creates real success in the network marketing business.
Or they just dont realize how their business model works.

But in any case, I'm going to start teaching you right here and now
what it is that leads to long term and real success in this industry...
that you can use to profit from for the rest of your life.

Hang in there, here it comes.

People do not join companies in this industry. They don't join
products, they don't join compensation plans, and they don't join
marketing systems. People join people.

They join people, They join you...or they join someone else.

People are joining people. So if you are spending the vast majority
of your time promoting something other than are
spending the vast majority of your time promoting the wrong thing.

Now, the question do you do that?

What is the science of marketing and promoting yourself so that you
can attract prospects and new business partners to you easier than
most network marketers can even get prospects on the phone?

Make no mistake about it , this is a competitive industry, where the
ones who know how to be different stand out much brighter than
the rest.And the one that stands out and shines the brightest, that I
know is my good friend and personal mentor Michael Dlouhy.

The most useful skills that Michael pounds the drum about are
auto-suggestion, and the use of a Master Mind. Both these skills,
which are taught in great detail through Mentoring For Free, are
the building blocks to a burning desire for your ultimate goal.

Let me give you an example of how he works.

My good friend and mentor, Michael, had a dream to become a
successful network marketer. Although he was successful as far
as money was concerned. But to him there was something missing.
He discovered that no matter how hard you work, if your main
purpose did not benefit the greatest number of people, without
expecting personal gain, your foundation will not be strong enough
to stand the course of time.

This enlightenment brought him to create in himself a desire to give
'of himself' to anyone wanting what he had, without seeking
something in return. His ultimate goal is to build the largest,
most profitable, highest retention organization ever built
in the history of network marketing, easily and
consistently, through education and teamwork.

This desire began to burn in Michael to the degree that key people,
some that he had never known before, were answering his call.
Today, thousands of people are not only learning the skills of
networking, but, they are learning Who They Themselves Are.

This creates the heartbeat of Mentoring For Free.

The brain will bring to you whatever you want, so long as it does not
conflict with natural laws. One thing to remember. What your mind
can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Thanks to Michael we all have Mentoring For Free
Learn how to think, not what to think. Join Today!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Genetically Engineered to Succeed, But Your Business Model's Driving Your Behavior

In network marketing it is your company's business model that
will eventually determine your level of success. Now your upline
leader may tell you to buy a CD full of leads. And make those 100 calls
a day. And if that doesn't work they'll tell you to make more calls.
And you wonder why?

That's just the way we've always done it!

That would be a typical response you might recieve from your
recruiter. And that's because that's what they were told to do when
they started in the business. Recruit, recruit, recruit. That's a
business model that will have over 90% of people struggling to
survive in network marketing. Dont be a statistic.

That's just the way we've always done it!

Which reminds me of a story I heard about these scientist. They
were going to study the reactions of some monkey's in a particular
situation. So what they did was put five monkeys in a large caged
area, with some steps in the middle and a bananna tied to the ceiling.

After awhile one monkey spies the bananna, and climbs the steps.
Just as he's about to grab the bananna the scientist, spray him with
a firehose of ice cold water. Then they spray all the other monkey's.
Now they have five surprised, angry, and cold monkey's.

The scientist remove one of the original monkey's and replace it with
a new one. After awhile, the new monkey starts to climb the steps
and the other monkey's pull him down and beat him up. And he has
no idea why. Then the scientist replace another monkey, with a new
monkey who has no idea about the firehose.

Once again the new monkey starts to climb the stairs to get the
bananna hanging from the ceiling. All the other monkeys start yelling
at the new monkey and pull him off the steps and proceed to beat on
him. Even the newest monkey that knew nothing about the firehose.

Over time the scientist have changed all the original monkeys for five
new monkeys, who knew nothing about the firehose with the ice cold
water. But still, none of the monkeys would go up the stairs to get the
bananna. Out of fear of being beaten, and didn't know why.

That's just the way we've always done it.

Is not a good way to run your network marketing business. If your
upline doesn't have a system in place for you to plug into that
allows you to climb those stairs to reach that low hanging fruit.
You need to check on a better way of reaching your dreams.

My good friend's and personal mentors Michael Dlouhy and
Richard Dennis have written a great free e- book called
"Success in 10 Steps" that will explain to you why your business
model may not be working for you.

Get a FREE copy by clicking this link "Success in 10 Steps"
You can also review their "Free Training System" click here

Because that's the way we do it!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Leader's Best Practices Produce Successful Outcomes, Achieving Financial Independence through Network Marketing

A network marketing leaders best practices consist of simple
easy to do daily commitments. Which if repeated over time, will
deliver the desired results. Making the system duplicatable,
not the person.

These are things that can be done on a daily basis.Even though they
seem to have no effect, at the time of doing them. But it is that
consistent daily action. compounded over time, that produces
great results.

Become a Network Marketing Superstar

MLM leaders rely on an easy to use duplicatable system. So even
the newest and most naive, network marketers can follow it the
success they have imagined.

An MLM leaders philosophy is to get a large group of people, to do
a few simple things. Over a long period of time. Creating a lifetime
commitment to momentum and constant growth.

Not only in their business. But most importantly in themselves. So
that they will do what is necessary. Whether the leader is around,
or not. Because it is the system that is duplicatable not the person.

The easy thing for a leader to do is to promote a simple idea. The
consistent daily actions of a duplicatable system. The hard part is to
attract the strong willed people to follow through with the idea.

Become more effective through personal development

These leaders are proud to be professional network marketers.
Especially when they have a horse to ride, to a bright and successful
future. You can here about "The Magic Horse" here.

Mentoring for Free, promote's a simple idea. That business models
drive the behavior in the field". While teaching you the skills and
attitude to be successful, in the network marketing industry.

You also learn how to think, not what to think!

Mentoring for Free, is changing our industry. And is willing to help
with that battle going on in your mind. With all the conflicting
marketing messages you recieve everyday. Participating in
"The Mental Cleanse" is a highly recommended activity, that will
stop the chatter going on in your mind.

Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

Two things necessary for financial success, in network marketing. Are
one sponsor new distributors and two, to establish customers. A plan
you can do, if your company allows it. The best way to determine that
is to find out how your compensation plan works.

To find out what your compensation plan really means to your future.
Listen in to the teleseminar on Saturday night. You will be able to
determine if you have a recruiting plan, or a resale plan. And how this
determine's your success.

To see what Your future holds Register Here

More to come, Stay Tuned!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wizard Leaders of MLM and Their Secret Success Practices

Notice who is successful in MLM, and you will see they are all leaders.

The one way you can become a leader is to find someone willing to
follow you. The one way that can happen is if THEY consider you to
be the guru who knows the success secret and will reveal it to them.

Everybody wants a leader who truly believes.

When you can tap into your own bedrock core level of inner belief,
you will be astonished at how many people YOU can inspire.
MLMers will look to you as a leader, because true motivational
leaders are few and far between. To be considered a wizard in
network marketing, all you need is true, inspiring, motivating belief.

Does this sound like I'm talking about somebody else?

Maybe you think you are on the other side of this deal, one of the
masses looking for that leader. But here's the thing. When you have
that rock-solid, core belief, it doesn't matter that you've never been
looked at as a leader before.

You will inspire people and they will follow you.

And as distant as that idea of solid belief may seem right now, it's
just a matter of some intensive coaching and some dedicated
practice to actually reach it. You don't have to be anything close to
flawless to help a lot of people turn their lives around.

Almost everybody wants the right model. It's a great spot for you
to be in, but only if you learn to really drill down into your steel-hard
core belief. If you look around, it's clear successful network marketers
are leaders

To be a leader, you must have followers. For people to follow you,
they must see in you an unwavering belief that you can help them
be successful. To have that belief, you must get rid of your inner
doubt and conflicts.

And THERE is the problem.

You've gotten used to it and become comfortable with some negative
belief. You could even say it helps you, and probably at the expense
of a lot of other people. Meanwhile, you fight an internal battle in
your soul, a battle you can never win.

And so long as that war goes on, it's pretty darned hard for you to get
gung-ho about anything. What do you do to take advantage of the
good, pure belief you really need in order to lead a large group to
network marketing success?

Believe it or not, it's simple. I didn't say "easy", but it is simple.
So the real point is, can YOU do it?

To help you get started believing, get "My Success Manual"

Stay tuned......

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 Little Things That Make all the Difference, The Power of the 5 Pillars

A network marketing home based business is the greatest
opportunity available for average people to create an additional
income from home.

If I could encourage you in any way possible, it would be this:

Network marketing is one of the most rewarding home business
opportunities today. It offers the opportunity to thrive in the
home based business economy of the 21st century.

Network Marketing is a career choice you can be proud of and in
order to realize a rewarding financial future you must be willing to do
what 9 out of 10 so called entrepreneurs are unwilling to do.

The essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to spot an opportunity
and the willingness to go after it despite the risks. But there are
certain things to look for in a network marketing home business that
will help keep you from choosing a bad opportunity and certain failure.

Network marketing provides the opportunity not only for earning but
also for learning. And the first thing you want to learn is how to
determine what make's a great network marketing company.

According to my Mentor Michael Dlouhy, who joined 100 companies,
in an effort to find out what makes a company work. And why most
people could never succeed. No matter how much money they spent.

People think he is crazy for doing that, but they change thier minds
really quick. All it takes is listening to one of his training calls. The
most important training call is "The Five Pillars". Which will be
the Mentoring for Free training call this Saturday March 15.

When Michael explains what these 5 Pillars are, and what you need
to look for. Before you decide on an MLM company.

And if your already in a company, it will explain your lack of success.

Those that pick a solid company to work with and commit to building
a successful business over the course of a number of years will usually
reach a level of success and income beyond their previous job experiences.

It begins with a 5 Pillar company

Key ingredients for success in network marketing include,

Pillar 1 is the company management experience, with integrity. You
want a management team who has done it themselves. The people who
have built that downline, held those meetings. And trained all thier
people from begginer to top wage earner.

Pillar 2 is the timing in the company, and the timing in the industry.
You need to be leary of the next Big thing. Start-ups will have growing
pains. And the elderly have reached thier saturation.

Pillar 3 is very important, it has to do with your ability to get paid.
It will let you know if average people will make any money. Most of
the people in your group will be part time. But the value of a front line
leader is priceless, with the right pay plan.

Pillar 4 is your remarkable product. Can you see it, touch it, smell it,
taste it. It has to be remarkable, and residual. That's where your
reccuring income come's from. Repeat product sales.

Pillar 5 is what keeps it all working like a well oiled machine. You will
need a duplicatable system to plug your new people into. Because
someone 10 levels deep and 3 continents away needs to be able to do
this. Can you help them?

So what I recommend is starting with Pillar 5. You can find out more
on this plug in and start playing, duplicatable system.

Here at Mentoring For Free, click the link to start!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Monday, March 10, 2008

How the Guru's Voodoo, Put You in MLM Do-Do, And the Mother of Guide's to Kiss Those Boo Boo's

A Network marketing home based business.
It seemed to be exactly the right thing to do when
you started.

You figured you'd start in your spare time and build to
full-time. Set up a 2nd income to eventually let you quit
your full-time job.

Then you could kiss your boss good-bye.

No commuting anymore. Who wants to jump
out of a warm bed into a cold dark car anyways.

Goodbye office politics. At least in the general
elections you get to vote.

More time with your family members. You get to be around
as kids grow up. More money to do the things you and your
family wanted to do


And then some MLM expert came into your life, to help
you achieve your dreams. What they said sounded great.

Fire your boss

Work for yourself

Make your own hours

Go to your kids' school plays or sporting events instead of
working overtime, take your family on exotic vacations,
spend your life with the most engaging and successful people.

It's hard to believe those successful people drained your
wallet dry and then dumped you.

Instead of tremendous profits, you got wild losses.

You believed it was a slam dunk, so you spent money you couldn't
afford to lose. You made credit card charges that will take months
or years to repay.

You set out to provide better for your family, and you wound up
with certain family members laughing at you behind your back.
Worst of all, in your heart now you don't really believe you could
ever be successful at your own business.

My bet is, after licking your wounds, you're figuring it's time
to wake up from this bad dream, get to work, and really achieve
those goals you want so much.

I've been through this myself. I can help you.
Here's what we do Mentoring For Free

That's what this blog is about. Come back and see.
But first read this guide My Success Manual

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Network Marketing's Purposeful Actions Create Your Success, Using a Practical System for Turning Strategies into Action

Network marketing require's you to take consistant action.
From strategy to action: your goal is not the creation of a
strategic plan, but the creation of a guide to action.

Since a body in motion stays in motion. Purposeful action will
eventually create purposeful success.

Action-oriented strategies that will help you find prospects for
your network marketing business. Can also be restructured
to help you find customers, promote your products or services.

These stategies are taught in Mentoring For Free

But the concept of sitting for idea's will hold you back if you don't act
on those ideas. Thinking and planning about getting ready to
get ready, is not a good business plan.

A great system to help you with creating the momentum you need.
To consistently follow through on the daily actions neccesary to build a
successful network marketing business is free to use

The system that helps with those actions is Mentoring For Free

Free membership is development of an action plan for results.
Because you can have two things, reasons or results. And reasons
dont matter, in the creation of successful results in your
network marketing business.

The most successful people in business are the one's who can make
the decisions. As a leader you are required to make decisions,
and lead the way for your team.

You need to be commited, to yourself, your team, your system.
Network marketing companies come and go. You need a moving
and growing system, to plug your organization into.

Making YOU the leader to follow.

Get them trained with this book Success in 10 Steps
Your organization will follow you to Mentoring for Free
Making you the leader they believe in. Take the Action!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

MLM Mistakes Smart People Make and the Help They Need,The Simple System and Techniques to Get It Right the First Time

"Why cant I get my network marketing business to grow like
the website said it would". That thought is more rampant than
people would like to admit.

And Mentoring For Free explains why your lack of success is not
your fault. More than likely, the cards have been stacked against
you. Before You even got started.

Mentoring For Free provides teleclasses that can be thought of as
powerful lenses that affect every important part of life. They help you
become a critical thinker. They teach the TRUTH.

I have acquired a much deeper understanding of myself and others.
The ideas that are taught have stuck with me. And I persue new
applications of them regularly.

Saturday night will present you with the opportunity to listen into
one of my Mentors. As Richard Dennis will discuss just what it is that
is making him so mad.

So if you want to hear what you do - or who knows,
maybe it's me! - that gets Richard's dander up.

Join us Saturday night March 8.
For a teleseminar with Richard Dennis, as he opens up to us.

You can register for the teleseminar at the link below.
Register to hear the "BIG MLM LIE'S" teleseminar.

You, just like me and everybody else in the world,
may be prone to making one or many of the mistakes
smart people make. When we blindly follow some leader,
into the world of MLM.

So what you need to do is arm yourself with this one tool right away.
The free e-book "Success in 10 Steps".

Written by Michael Dlouhy A Mentor and Leader,
who builds his business daily.

It offers clear, practical advice and concrete techniques to help you
combat self defeating thinking and gain greater control of your life.
Your view of your network marketing home based business.
It is a business, and most of all it will help with the system for
developing meaningful personal relationships.

You can register for the teleseminar at the link below.
Register to hear the "BIG MLM LIE'S" teleseminar.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Network Marketing No-No's-What Makes My Mentor So Mad

One of my Mentors in network marketing, is my good friend
and upline leader Richard Dennis.

When he was growing up in Ohio, his mother gave him a life
changing gift. Upon his completion of high school, she gave him
an electric typewriter.

You know this had to take place a few years ago!

Anyway Richard Dennis packed up his typewriter and moved to
the Great Northwest, Oregon that is.

Football, wrestling, and typing for cash.

After college he went to Florida. And accepted a position as a
public ambassador, for the city of Miami. He spent 16 years in
that position, till striking typing Gold

Four words created four million dollars. And the most successful
marketing piece in network marketing history.

His biggest success "Dead Doctor's Dont Lie".
His newest book "Evil Medicine"
His online company "Mentoring for Free"

So what makes him so mad?

Well he tells me there's a bunch of network marketers doing
some bad things, in the name of marketing. He wont tell me
exactly. But it must be pretty bad, because he's really going off
the deep end this time.

I guess what makes him so angry. So many people do this bad,
bad thing, and then so many fail, at network marketing.

Richard thinks there is a 100% direct connection.

So if you want to hear what you do - or who knows, maybe it's me!
that gets Richard's dander up. Join us Saturday night March 8.
For a teleseminar with Richard Dennis, as he opens up to us.

And spills just what it is that these network marketers are doing.
That is so bad, they need to change or they will fail.

You can register for the teleseminar at the link below.
Register to hear the "BIG MLM LIE'S" teleseminar.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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My Success Manual

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Comment Sniper's, Blast Robot Sex to Top, Marketing Tactic,or SciFi Trick

I Digg social networking, because it provides us with so many options.
And various marketing tactics, to promote ourselves.

Which is the reason for my unusual headline.

I was listening to a recording from Jack Humphrey of
Authority Site Center, concerning a piece of software.
And how it's used for marketing purposes.

When he mentioned the above article, and the tactics behind it.
You can listen to him here Social Maven Call

Here is the link to the software he mentions Comment Sniper

And here is the free ebook to become a
Network Marketing Maven

And last but not least the video of Robot Sex

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime
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