Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jack Humphrey's Blog Success the Lather, Rinse, Repeat Plan

Jack Humphrey from The Friday Traffic Report, is in
the process of redesigning his Authority Site Center.

The new name and platform will be BlogSuccess.

It will be a program to help you design, build , and promote
your blog. And get traffic to your site, or site's for what ever
you are promoting.

But thats not what this post is about. You can steal his
60 day marketing plan. Well not the whole thing, but he
has a video showing and explaining the first 10 days.

I say go watch the video, take notes on the first 10 days.Then
just lather rinse and repeat. He goes into great detail and also
provides detailed explanations on what to do.

You can watch the video here BlogSuccess

That's my Happy Thanksgiving Surprise

For another surprise, get My Success Manual

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Monday, November 24, 2008

WALL*E Disney Pixar Perfectly Portray Personality Color Green

I find it hard to spend $50 to take the family to the theatre to
see a movie. So we buy the videos so the kids can watch them
over and over.

Not only do they have quite a movie collection. They also have
training films. I've seen them practicing in the mirror, sad faces,
and various other expressions and sayings.

So I am quite prepared when they think thier going to pull a
fast one over on my wife and I. And of course they send the
youngest one in to do thier bidding. And he's pretty good.

Watching the movie WALL*E, it's about a little robot who is
some kind of trash compacter. I couldn't help but notice the
Green personality they gave him.

The Green Personality is very organized, and detailed, to a fault
sometime's. WALL*E was left to clean up the earth while the
humans were on a space cruise. Not like Gilligan's three hour tour.
They were gone for 700 years.

WALL*E would compact trash into little cubes, and very
methodically stack them in rows. And then build on top of them.
As he did this he would collect things and take them home.
Once there he had an elaborate filing system of shelves, with a
section for each kind of object he collected. He had spare parts for
him, and a wide variety of odds and ends. And a stash of twinkies,
he fed to his pet cockroach.

Being organized and methodical in thier approach to everything.
The Green personality can take along time to make a decision.
Especially when it comes to investigating your home business
opportunity And thats what they will do, investigate it,
analyze it, and scrutinize it.

Until they are satisfied they have all the data they need to
review and review,and review. And when they have made their
decision you will be the first to know. But what you want to know
first is how to detect a Green.
The instructions can be found in the classic free ebook,
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Gary McElwain
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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ultimate Guide, Shows You How You Can Do It Too

The FREE ebook "Success in 10 Steps" is really the ultimate
guide of proven business-building techniques.This handy
resource provides one-of-a-kind advice for building a successful
network marketing business.

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truth about network marketing. Michael Dlouhy joined 100
different companies, just to investigate how they all work.

What he found mostly is why they dont work. And it's not your
fault if your struggling in network marketing. In most
cases the cards have been stacked against you before you even
get started.

Master effective prospecting

People join people, they dont join a business, or a product.
Building a relationship with people will help you build the
successful business you really want.

Specialized Information and Strategies

This is a must for every networker marketer's library.Revealing
a world of secrets, that have resulted in top-level success.
This powerful training manual shows readers how to master
the core skills of successful network marketing.

Network marketing is a teaching and training business.
So the e-book "Success in 10 Steps" is a complete package of
education, that provides everyone with something that will work
for them.

Find and Attract Quality People

Develop your vision with "Success in 10 Steps"

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Gary McElwain
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mentoring For Free The System: And Tools for Rapid Success in Network Marketing

One of my mentors Tom "Big Al" Schrieter, who is a world
reknown network marketing trainer. Says "most people do
network marketing every day. They just dont get paid for it."

You recommend and promote things, dont you?

My pupose for this blog is to recommend and promote the best
network marketing training available. That is the system
and tools of Mentoring for Free. That includes the no-
nonsense guide for creating the most richly rewarding lifestyle
you can possibly imagine

"Success in 10 Steps"

The one book you need, filled with what it really takes to help
you overcome your fears, experience success, and achieve your
dreams! This network marketing survival guide contains
the information you need to achieve a network marketing dynasty.

It's relevant knowledge, with guarded secrets

Michael Dlouhy's indispensable guide gives network
marketers the know-how and confidence they need to
participate daily in network marketing. All it takes to succeed
is wise planning and good advice. This free ebook
"Success in 10 Steps" is crammed full of effective advice on
what it takes for you to get ahead in the right home based
network marketing business

Do yourself a favor, and get a copy free copy today click
"Success in 10 Steps"

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Gary McElwain
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Guy's, 10 Steps, and 1 Reason to Color Your Way to Success

Much has been written about personality profiling but the
simplified version developed by Mentoring For Free is one
that anyone can use.

For your best results in both business & personal life, you need
to tailor your response's to people to their personality type. In
life, there are 4 distinct personalities. You learn to address
each differently. It sounds tough, but it's actually easy.

The results are incredible!

When you learn the personalities, you automatically build
relationships. And when you can build a lifetime relationship
in 15 minutes, you never need to sell anything to anybody.

It's true. It's learnable. And it works.

You can learn about the four personality types in the classic
book"Success in 10 Steps". Learn how to understand the
different personality types and how to communicate with them.

Learn people's internal secrets, Like

Why Johnny like's to work on his computer and science stuff?

Why is Susan always looking for fun things to do, and laughing
and talking while doing them?

How come Dylan always has to win at everything?

Learn these secrets and many more, when you got your free
copy of"Success in 10 Steps". After you've read the book,
I'll introduce you to the free, live and interactive training sessions.

You'll be amazed.

Get your free copy by clicking this link "Success in 10 Steps"

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Gary McElwain
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Creating a New Begining With Mentoring for Free and Think and Grow Rich

With Michael Dlouhy on the road with the Freedom Tour
The Mentoring for Free System chugs on, like a well oiled
locomotive, continually picking up steam.

With new leaders constantly stepping up to the plate to
willingly help keep the train a rollin. Mentoring for Free
marches on, with the 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

We are now staring back at the begining, and are starting
to lay new tracks with chapter 1 of "Think and Grow Rich"

It's not to late to jump onboard with us Today!

Here are my current thoughts from Chapter 1

When I first bought my copy of "Think and Grow Rich" I
started reading it over a couple of weeks, and then set it aside.
Misplacing it for several months.

So when I decided to start reading it again, it was like opening
some long lost sacred manuscript. With the dust coming off of it
causing me to sneeze, over and over again.

After a few pages I was experiencing something coming over
me. As I was envisioning what seemed like smoke rising out of
the lamp, as the Genie was being released.

Willing to grant my every wish

All I have to do is absorb the knowledge contained in the pages
of this ancient sacred manuscript. And create a habit of putting
it all into action.

Realizing that my desires begin with an impulse of thought. I
can mold and form them, till I create the determination to get
whatever it is I want.

By developing a pupose, and standing by it until it is an all
consuming obsession. Leading me to create the ultimate in
material possesions, and a spiritual well being.

I understand this may require seeking expert guidance from
the Genie himself. To keep me drilling into my desire and keep
going that one step beyond each roadblock.

Until I can magically, magneticly attract all that I desire. As
long as I know what it is I want. But it all starts by building that
fire and stoking it till it creates a burning desire.

Gary McElwain

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of Chapter 1.

You can join us on this Mastermind journey, and create your
own interpretations. And share your ideas with a group of like
minded friends.

Experience Mentoring for Free, where you learn how to think,
not what to think. And take the 30 Day Mental Cleanse.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Chaos Creates Cold Day in Hell

When the polls close and the votes are counted. One man will
stand above the rest, as a Leader

No I dont mean Obama or McCain.

I'm talking about my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy
and Mentoring For Free.

No one wants to jump out of a warm bed, and into a cold car.
For a job they dont like. That makes for a cold day in hell.

Why suffer like that!

Get Michael's free ebook "Success in 10 Steps" Learn what
you need to be successful in your own warm, homebased business.

Is your compensation plan leaving you out in the cold. If so
get your free copy today. And we can talk about how
Michael Dlouhy and Mentoring for Free can help you
overcome being just another failure statistic.

The book is free, the training is free, even the coaching calls
are free.

What have you got to lose.

Go now and get your copy of "Success in 10 Steps"

I look forward to talking to you

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Successful Social Networking, Even Hanibal Lecter Had a Plan

It's not fava beans and a fine Chianti, but it will bring you
satisfaction. It's the 30 Day Mental Cleanse hosted by
Mentoring for Free.

With all the chatter going on in our minds, that lead to
distractions constantly creating detours in our daily plans. This
will definitely ruin the Slight Edge process required to create
success in any venture you are involved in.

If your social networking strategies are constantly being
disrupted. Then a 30 Day Mental Cleanse is exactly what
you need. The blueprint used is "Think and Grow Rich".

Is your life worth 30 Days?

If so then go to 30 Day Mental Cleanse and register today!
Get the free ebook "Think and Grow Rich" the join us on
the weekly Mastermind sessions for success.

My thoughts from Chapter 15

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind!

Before we can master an enemy, we must know its name, it's
habits, and it's place of abode. It begins with study, analysis,
and understanding. Because they can grow without thier presence
being observed.

I must recognize that I am susceptible to all the basic fears. And
must continuosly develop habits for the purpose of defeating
them. Before they can develop a foothold.

To protect myself against negative influences. I will use my will-
power, and put it to constant use. Until it builds a wall of Immunity,
against negative influences in my own mind.

And I will continuosly keep my mind closed against all who want
to depress and discourage me in any way.

No alibi will save me from accepting the responsibilities if I now
fail. Or refuse to demand Riches of Life. Because the acceptance
of such Riches call for one thing.

A State of Mind.

And a state of mind is something that one assumes. It cannot be
purchased. It must be Created.

Man can create nothing which he does not first concieve in the
form of an Impulse of thought. And mans thought impulses
begin immediately to translate themselves into thier physical
equivalents. Whether the thoughts are voluntary or involuntary.

The obvious truth is that we live in a world of overabundance.
Of everything The heart could desire. With nothing standing
between me and my Desires. Except the lack of a definite purpose.

I do demand riches, and choose to determine what forms and
how much will be required to satisfy me. I know the road that
leads to riches. I have been given the road map.

Which when I follow it, will keep me on that road. If I neglect to
make the start, or stop before I arrive. No one, will be to blame,
except me!

This responsibility is all Mine!

I look forward to hearing you on the calls for the
30 Day Mental Cleanse Mastermind.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime
My Success Manual

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