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Do your part to fight Bill C-51

As Canadians you already can't get some of
(Your Company's Name Here) products due to your
government's laws.

If this passes will there be any you can sell??

Bill C-51 removes your right to buy, sell and use natural
health products freely to protect our own health.

What is Bill C-51?

Promoted as a means to protect the safety of Canadians from
untested natural health products, Bill C-51 is a wide-reaching,
little publicized & carefully crafted set of amendments to the
federal Food & Drug Act that threatens Canadians rights to
natural health products.

Key changes include:

a.. Replacing the word "drug" with "therapeutic product"
throughout the Act, giving the Canadian government
broad-reaching powers to regulate the sale of all herbs, spices,
vitamins, supplements & more.

b.. C-51 would require all "therapeutic products" to go
through a costly approval process that would be financially
impossible for many natural health product manufacturers.

c.. These would then be "forced" unavailable to the public.

d.. Then, only government "approved" natural health products,
considered a prescription drug, would be made available to you
by prescription only.

How Bill C-51 affects you:

C-51 could result in the outlawing of thousands of beneficial
low risk natural health products. It would grant alarming
new "enforcement" powers to federal inspectors to "protect"
Canadians from "dangerous" unapproved "therapeutic agents".

Products as benign as say, dandelion greens, blueberries, any
plant-derived substance, bottled water or Vitamin C could
become illegal to possess or distribute.

C-51 would also allow federal enforcement agents to: Raid your
home or business without a warrant, seize your bank accounts,
levy fines up to $5 million & jail terms up to 2 years for selling or
drying herbs in your kitchen, now categorized as
"controlled activity", confiscate your property, then charge you.

What you can do? Make your voice heard!

Write your MP, the Federal Minister of Health Tony Clement
and our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Let them know how you feel about Bill C-51.

Visit our website: Goodnessme for more details on Bill C-51
including:this Saturday's Rally at Queen's Park
Lawyer Shawn Buckley's discussion paper on Bill C-51
Important Links Online Petition Email your MP

Directly from our site Online Petition

Here is the actual copy of the BILL.

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