Thursday, April 8, 2010

#1 Network Marketing Mistake is Trying to Sell

Trying To Sell Absolutely Does Not Work!

Ninety-two per-cent of the world's population, like you and me
is sales resistant.

They don't like to sell. They don't like to be sold.

You go into a store, looking for a shirt or a pair of shoes,
the sales clerk comes up, what do you say?

"I'm just looking."

People do not want to be sold.

And then you get into network marketing and some upline
superstar space commander guru leader tells you,

"OK. Start by making a list of your friends & family."

And the plan is to turn YOU into that pushy, aggressive
salesperson that nobody likes.

Selling does not work in this business.

Even if you're one of the 8% of the population who can do it,
you'll never be able to duplicate, because 92% of the people who
join you simply will not sell.

You can't be successful trying to sell. Instead

You Have To Really Target Your Market

Find prospects who have raised their hand, and build relationships
with those people. People buy from people they know, like, & trust.

You have to build that relationship.

Building relationships with people is easy and fun, when you have
a system that works.

For more information on our magical relationship-building system
and FREE training to boom your network marketing business

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Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Being a Mentor with a servants heart

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is List Control Guru Frank Kern Secretly Using Mentoring For Free System

Is Frank Kern secretly using the Mentoring for Free System.

Hi everyone my name is Gary McElwain,
and I am a Product Launch Addict

Not that I buy all the 2, 5, or $10,000 courses the guru's create,
But I do pay attention to what these people are doing in their
million dollar day marketing plans.

These people give away enough information to educate you on
their process. All while enticing, and persuading you to
purchase their life and business changing programs.

Last week Frank Kern released his List Control Program,
and with all the super affiliates promoting this course. Millions
of people probably watched at least one of his video's.

In the process of this promotion he released a couple of video's
under the radar. He mentioned a speaking engagement he
called "The Core Influence". It was a test run on a new
piece of software he was giving away.

In these video's Frank Kern talks about when his life and
business went through a drastic change. He talks about how
he went from paranoia of his customers, to happy to talk to

How he was struggling to keep his business going, to having
massive success easily just start happening.

Listening to him describe his process, and the time frame this
change started taking place. Just happens to coincide with the
opening of the Mentoring for Free System.

He talks about creating his perfect day, that exact process is
taught by Michael Dlouhy. And it is one of the first training
exercises to avoid daily negativity that people are taught in
Mentoring for Free.

Frank talks about how he started using visualization, to create
the home's and cars, he wanted. That exercise is right on the
front page of the Mentoring for Free website.

He also discusses how to determine what kind of customers, and
business partners he wanted to have. That is a major part of the
Mentoring for Free training. Determining who you want to work
with in your network marketing business.

Frank Kern is a world famous Internet marketer, who can easily
make a millions with his products. So just imagine what this training
can do for you, and your network marketing business.

Now I'm not saying Frank Kern uses the Mentoring for Free
training system. But the timing of his massive success has to
make you wonder. Michael Dlouhy makes all this training
and personal development available to everyone looking
for help.

So you can take advantage of all this great training, that will
help grow your business. And you also get to join in the
personal development masterminds that will grow you.

Get your introduction by downloading the free ebook
"Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Being a mentor with a servants heart

Monday, March 15, 2010

Leading with a Modern Day Duplicatable MLM Lead Generation System

The key to success in ANY business is to have a successful
model to follow.

Your network marketing model should be someone who is
doing it NOW. This may be the most overlooked problem in
network marketing today.

Let me ask you a question.

Why should they be doing it now?

Because if they built it 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, the
world was totally different. The internet has changed everything.

Think about it.

A lot of these MLM "trainers" out there built it 5 years, 10 years,
15 years ago. What they did 5, 10, 15 years ago does not work
today. You have to be in the trenches.

You have to be out there building it today to know what works
today, plain and simple.

And you must have a duplicatable system to be able to prove it,

A Model That Works!

Now - when somebody calls me about our Mentoring For Free
lead generation system, and they ask,

"Well, are these people joining?

Is this thing duplicatable?",

I say, "Yeah. Absolutely.

How many people do you want to talk to? Ten, 20, 50?

How many do you want to talk to?"

They won't sign up 20 or 30 or 500 people a week.

But they sure can get 3 to 5 new paying reps, on autoship,
every week. And if you have a "5 Pillars" company, good
compensation plan and so forth, 3 to 5 new paying reps a week
will build you a big income in a hurry -

ESPECIALLY if you train them to do the same thing!

When someone asks ME that question,

I can 3-way them immediately to people who are using
Mentoring For Free and now they're sponsoring, recruiting,
and building their business.

Yes, you MUST have a duplicatable system - and it's got to
be done by people ordinary people who are doing it TODAY!

Get your free copy of the book that started this modern day
revolution in network marketing.
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Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Being a mentor with a servants heart

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Network Marketing Leaders Share Success Secrets

My good friend and long-time colleague Richard Dennis is
roaring on all cylinders with his interviewing series with
Michael Dlouhy and his philosophies on success.

If you've missed ANY of the calls so far, shame on you.
These two carry a lot of knowledge and wisdom about
what it take to be successful in a home business.

Richard will be going deep with Michael to uncover his
secrets to the personality colors. What they're revealing
will be shocking, enlightening and important for anyone in
business. Online, offline, whatever.

Michael has set the bar for offering this kind of killer information...
for fre.e... as high as it can go.

You don't want to miss this.

The next call due up in their series (which is scheduled to be
Saturday March 6 )... is the Personality Colors.

Or the Colors to Success Training Call.

Richard Dennis will be interviewing Michael Dlouhy. One of
my personal heroes, and a guy I ALWAYS learn critical thinking
from whenever he speaks. Michael is the guy behind the famous
"Success in 10 Steps" e-book.

If you would like to listen in on this life changing information.
And learn how to expand your sponsoring of prospects, into
your network marketing business.

I will send you the call in information, just go to this site, and
register. Along with getting a free copy of the ebook.

Click here "Success in 10 Steps Color Training"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Friday, February 26, 2010

Network Marketing Leader Randy Gage's 7 Great Giveaway's

I was looking around for some ideas to write a blog post on.
Then I came across this Randy Gage post, and knew I was
not going to top it.

So I just dedicated this blog post to one of the great
leaders in network marketing.

You can read his latest post here "Don't Ever Give Up"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

My Success Manual

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sponsoring Your Network Marketing Leads Using Michael Dlouhy and the Mentoring For Free System

Sponsoring your network marketing leads into your
opportunity, requires a process. Can you sponsor these prospects
into your MLM business without selling.

Yes, it is possible by using a proven duplicatable system.

Mentoring for Free has developed a training system that
teaches you how to attract targeted leads . The online tools
and techniques available through this proven duplicatable sytem,
will help you generate qualified leads.

Learn how to get prospects wanting to join your network
marketing business without chasing them. Start marketing
yourself as a leader, first, before the business. That's why some
network marketers succeed and others don’t.

Each network marketing company has its own merits,
but that doesn’t mean you can treat each business opportunity
the same. Evaluating a business and the training that's provided
is more about how this fits into your targeted leads idea of a
successful home based business opportunity.

When your network marketing leads are evaluating a
business and a potential sponsor, make sure you are giving them
training in these key areas. The focus is placed on education,
mentoring and networking, Because their main concern's are

"Can I do this" and "Can you help me".

Building a close personal relationship, and helping them develop
a powerful "WHY". Will move you closer to sponsoring your
network marketing leads, than some automated impersonal
email barrage, about your great mlm business opportunity.

So if your struggling to sponsor people in your home business
opportunity. Learn how top earners sponsor leads in their
network marketing business, by using a proven duplicatable

That you can introduce to your prospects, and get them trained,
educated, and mentored, before they even join you in a long
term business partnership.

Mentoring for Free will gladly help you in this effort to build
your network marketing business. And train all of your targeted
network marketing leads, with a willing team of mentors.

Here's all you have to do.

Your first step to building a large and successful mlm organization
is to download and read this free ebook "Success in 10 Steps".
Click here "My Success Manual"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marketing Leaders, Losers, and Lost in Space

Marketing leaders can be found in any
type of business. They use subliminal tactics
of persuasion to subtly grab your attention
and draw you in.

Of course the idea was to put their names
and image in your mind, so when the
Olympics started hopefully you would be
watching for them. As they compete in their
specialty field.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger)

A couple of great examples of leaders in this marketing move
were Lyndsey Vonn, and Shaun White

Another marketing event the Tiger Woods press conference.
Designed to be an apology to the public for his infidelity.

Of course no one with any sense, can believe it has any
substance to it. It is designed to get your attention to watch for
the next golf tournament that Tiger Woods will compete in.

I also heard of a rumor that Howard Stern is in negotiations
to come back to the regular radio airwaves. I'm not much of a
Howard Stern fan, and have'nt heard much about him since he
went to satellite radio.

Could it be that lack of fanfare, that is drawing him back earth.

And of course this was designed to get people to start talking
about the proclaimed "King of all Media" again. Before the
real advertisements start to invade your mental arena.

Now I don't have a big ad budget for commercials, or magazine
covers. And I don't have an apology to hold a press conference
over. And I'm far from the "King of Anything".

But I do have access to a great book that can help you if you're
struggling to have success in your network marketing business.
It was written by my friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy.

You can get your free copy by clicking here "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Success Magazine's Darren Hardy Pays Tribute to Jim Rohn

Darren Hardy's Final Keynote at Jim Rohn Tribute Event

On Saturday, February 6th, 2010 1,300 people attended a
special tribute to celebrate the life and legacy of the renown
leader and business philosopher, Mr. Jim Rohn.

In my life I have had several mentor's. Some have been face
to face meetings. But most have been through their books
or audio courses.

It makes no difference how you are being mentored, as long
as you are recieving the message.

Most online mentoring course's will charge you alot of money.
And most will leave you wondering what you paid for.

If your looking for direction in your personal life, and your
home business. The group I use is Mentoring for Free.

And the price is great, I mean it's right in the title of the
program Mentoring for Free. The training is live and
interactive with 10 training call's a week. Covering a wide
variety of personal and business coaching.

Mentoring for Free is open to anyone who is looking for a
place to belong. It's a world wide community, of like minded
people. Who are willing to assist you in all life's matters.

Your introduction is as easy as downloading this free ebook
Success in 10 Steps. Get your copy by clicking here.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Being a mentor with a servans heart

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Leaders Formula for Turning Prospects into Business Partners

All new leaders need a formula that creates action to reach their
desired outcome. Money and success is very easy to create when
you have knowledge like the "Colors to Success"

If you're not making changes, trying new things, increasing your
value to your prospects...then how do you expect your business
to grow. Is it even possible for you to change your life, or see
results in your business,

It's amazing how the people who learn this skill are the ones that
actually see results. It's a very easy skill to learn, and use. But,
like any skill it takes some time to master.

It's a two part formula...You learn the knowledge on how to
move forward, and then you put into action the steps you
learned to make that happen.

I can promise you this...

Once you learn the "Colors to Success"...There's truly no
going back to the 'out dated' and agonizing ways of calling and
talking to your leads. From this point on you have been
exposed to the ways of easy business building.

Listen to this recording of the "Colors to Success" training

If it appeals to you and you would like to learn more about this
business building skill. I'll be glad to introduce you to the
Mentoring for Free training formula.

Listen to the training call here: Colors to Success
Learn more with this free ebook: Success in 10 Steps

Remember to leave a comment below about the colors.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Power of Leadership Using Colors to Achieve Success

Developing your leadership success by using the personality
colors is powerful. When you learn the personality colors, you
can activate the universal laws of attraction.

And attract what seems like an endless amount of people directly
to you...because you're adding value to your relationship with them.

It's such a simple principle that is so often overlooked.

The vast majority of marketers and home business owners are
out there trying to sell people on everything. They're trying to
pitch anyone they can on their business opportunity... and they're
missing the target that's right in front of them.

When you take the time to develop an understanding of the
personality colors..and then share this value with other people...
you're capable of building a relationship that puts you miles
ahead of the pack.

You see, when you craft your leadership style based on the
personality colors. You are better able to relate to each individual
on your team in a more direct and personal level.

Creating a bigger impact in the life of every person.

Think how many people you make contact with on a daily basis,
and how your understanding of their personality color, will allow
you to be an inspiration to them, and their desire to be successful
in your business.

Are you getting a sense of these leadership strategies

When you create your leadership profile in such a way that it hits
your team builders directly at the heart of their core beliefs. You
create a bond with them on a deeper level...

You have no idea how many people are going to be very interested
in learning a lot more about your leadership style of business.

Mentoring for Free teaches people how to be themselves and
how to create relationships. That will in the long term help you
make more money in your network marketing business
then you ever thought possible.

Developing leadership abilities, so you can teach other
people how to 'Attract' people to sharing the personality
color of who you are. So people with similar values, goals, dreams,
and philosophies will hear you...and say to themselves

"Wow, I'm a lot like this person. They are really cool!"

Mentoring for Free will teach you how to relate to other people
so they like you, trust you, respect you, and want to join you in
whatever business you're working with. That's the power of
learning the personality colors.

So you can understand how to tap into the driving force that
exists in your prospects mind. And use it to create a never ending
supply of interested prospects, who will be the backbone to your
leadership style of success.

You can learn more about the personality colors in the free
ebook Success in 10 Steps. And by attending the free teleseminar
on Saturday night, for more details.

Get your free copy by clicking on this link "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leadership by Determination, Being All In

The world is full of all kinds of
leaders. We have mothers and
fathers who raise us from infants
and instill their beliefs in us, be
they good or bad.

We have teachers who educate us
on the fundamentals of learning.
We have political leaders, who would
like to lead us in the way's they think we should live our lives.

We have militay leaders who mold
boy's and girls into disciplined
adults. Creating more men and
women of leadership caliber.
to mentor, coach, and train the
new recruits. In the determination
and ability of leadership

And we have sports leaders who inspire us to be great athlete's.

But the determination it takes to be a leader requires being able
to take the pounding you recieve from others who are not willing
to "Be All In" for the game.

Real leaders, the ones who stand head and shoulders above the
others. Are the ones willing to leave their comfort zone, and have
the determination to get back up after they've been knocked down.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

Brett Favre will be remembered as one of
the greatest quaterbacks of all time. With
all the records and milestones he has
achieved. His determination to be a
leader, stands out the most to me. In what
may be his last ever professional football
game, he was knocked down and beat up
more than ever before.

But his determination to lead his team, kept
him getting back up, time after time. That
determination to win at all cost, makes him
"Be All In" for the game.

Being a leader who is all in, can inspire those afraid to leave their
comfort zone to be led to heights of success they never dreamed.

My good friend and personal mentor Michael Dlouhy, is "All In"
for the game. And he is willing to mentor, coach,and train you,
to new heights of success.

The Mentoring For Free game plan will help you break out of
your comfort zone.

The Success in 10 Steps ebook will be your leadership play book.

So if Network Marketing is your game, and you desire to be
the leader of your team. Why not use a proven, duplicatable
game plan. One that will move you easily out of your comfort
zone. And put you "All In for the Game".

Click Here for Success in 10 Steps

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain