Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sing it Like an MLM Rockstar, Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music

Who wants to be a MLM Rockstar,
Do you? You can!
In order to be a MLM Rockstar,
you need to think like one. There is
no such thing as thinking like average
and earning exceptional income. It
simply doesn't work that way.
The trains leaving the station,
will you be on it or under it?
Here's what the average person will be thinking about. The past,
and how bad it was, how it was always someone else's fault all the
time. An average person makes excuses why they didn't or couldn't
make things happen focusing on reasons why it isn't possible.
Because this type of person only sees the obstacle's or the roadblocks.
An average person sits on the sidelines and watches others win the
game, they wont do the things necessary to make it happen for them.
They lack the discipline to learn from their mistakes. Then they will
sit on the tracks till the train runs them over, due to their fear of
leaving their comfort zone of a life of mediocrity.
Visualize sponsoring a millionaire into your business

My good friend and personal mentor, Michael Dlouhy always
tells me. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to hang out with
millionaires. You need to be around them and learn how they think.
Listen to how they talk. Millionaires look at things completely
different than the average person does.
Before you can be a MLM Rockstar you have to develop the
millionaire mindset that is required to accept that
responsibility. A person with a millionaire mindset see's the
possibilities in the opportunity. And see's beyond the roadblocks
in the way. They will find a way around the obstacles, and make
it happen.

A person with a millionaire mindset has learned from their past
mistakes. And they live in the present, in the NOW, with a focus
on the long term outcomes.They thrive on playing the game, and
will do anything it takes to get their desired outcome. Using their
millionaire mindset to bring out the best in others.

Using tunnel vision to create that massive organization!
In order for you to accumulate wealth and create a massive income,
you first have to change your way of thinking and acting. Let me
give you some idea of where your mind and actions need to be in
order to create a massive organization that pays you
hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
A millionaire mindset person can always see the light at the
end of the tunnel, this person looks fear square in the eye and says
"move aside." As they fail their way to success. A millionaire
mindset person knows that a little faith goes a long way. Especially
when this type person focuses on establishing nourishing
Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends!
Being an MLM Rockstar does take some effort. It requires a
burning desire to succeed. And most of all it will require a well
trained team, to keep that train on track. So when you build your
people, people will build your business. But to accomplish this will
require a duplicatable system like Mentoring for Free.
Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
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Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart

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Roxanne Green said...

I love the way Gary comes up with these great blog posts. Listen to what he has to say so you, too, can learn to be an MLM Rockstar!!

~Roxanne - AKA - RoxxStar~