Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to Confidently Network Market Without Fear, The 30 Day Mental Cleanse is Brilliant Compensation

Mentoring For Free is hosting the 30 Day Mental Cleanse
During this 30 days we turn off all the negativity, like the TV,
radio, CNN (you know the constant negative news.) Then
we read Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and we
mastermind each chapter one at a time. This week we are
starting all over on chapter 1.

Before reading what I got from chapter one here's a short video

Think and Grow Rich- Chapter 1

"Whatever the mind can Concieve
and believe, it can Achieve."
Napoleon Hill

My thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.When they
are mixed with my definite pupose, and a commitment to
persistence. They create a burning desire. It is a process that
develops over time. Transmuting my desires into my reality. If I
am determined to find a way, to get what I am after. And stand
by that decision until I succeed.

By developing a definite major purpose in life. It will constantly
intensify my desire for success. Until it becomes an all consuming
obsession. Which will bring me all that I seek. With the possibility,
that the impulse of thought, can be transmuted into it's physical
reality. Think and Grow Rich, is the application of these
success principle's.

This will require my initiative to follow through on the idea's.
The faith that my desire can be achieved. And my will to follow
through, until success presents itself. Whatever I determine my
success to be. Since more gold has been mined from the brains of
men,and women. It is wise to seek expert counsel, who will keep
me on track. By providing the details and instructions required to
formulate my plans, to reach my desires, and my definite pupose.

Because I have the power to control my thoughts. It will
influence me to act on my thoughts of riches. So I will magnetize
my mind, with my intense desire for riches. Which will drive me
to create my plans for acquiring my desires.

If you want to join us on this amazing adventure, where we
will believe in you, till you believe in yourself.
"30 Day Mental Cleanse"

Your Friend in Success

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Steve DeVane said...


Good thoughts. The power to control your mind helps in every part of your life. The Mental Cleanse is the best way to learn how to do that. Those 30 days will change your life forever.

Great video, too.


Gary McElwain said...

Yes Steve controling our thoughts is a crucial step to reaching success, in any endeavor.

And Mentoring For Free gives you the guidance to make it through this process. It can get pretty scary being alone in your own mind.


Theresa said...

Thanks Gary,
I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Very much appreciated. I am truly in awe of Napoleon Hill who compiled his theories of the power of the mind back in the 1930's! It is absolutely fantastic to me.