Saturday, April 26, 2008

State of the Internet in Social Marketing

I want to let you know about a few things that I came across.
That I think would be of interest to my readers.

First off is the state of the Internet and Social Marketing
I think the title says it all but read the aricle

Social Marketing Is Here To Stay.
Stop Complaining And Start Learning.

And for Jack Humphrey's latest updates, his new radio show
On questions about social marketing and other internet related

You can always tune in every Friday at 2 p.m.Eastern for his recap
of the best traffic tips and internet marketing news each week.

Here’s the first show on!

And to make all of this social marketing processes quicker and
easier for all of us with a limited amout of time Jack's new trick.
Utility Poster.

Blogging is about to get a lot easier and faster

Watch Friday Traffic Report video demonstration

And last but not least something from John Reese. Because we
all need traffic. New Program Scheduled for launch in May, here’s
the first sneak peek at the special case for Traffic Secrets 2.0.

The course also includes a Training Manual, Workbook,
Blueprints, and some other goodies This new interactive
learning platform was designed to help people consume the
information faster so they can immediately put strategies into
action and start seeing results right away.

You will probably learn a lot of new marketing
strategies and tactics following this launch!

Your Friend in Success

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