Friday, April 11, 2008

Developing Your MLM Leadership Compass. Leadership Principle's for Enduring MLM Success

So-- how can you be spotted as a leader?
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What does it really take for you to be
looked at as a leader.

You must offer a clear-cut path in a single
direction. Leading to Mentoring for Free

If you give choices, people will get into a debate inside their own
mind about it. They feel they don't have enough experience to make
a good choice, and nothing will happen.

The reason they need a leader is, they don't know how to get to
where they want to be. For them to follow you, you must lead.
Tell them explicitly what to do. That gives them a clear choice
to follow you or not.

So in order to to be a leader, you need to be certain

Certain that the actions you take make a difference. It really
doesn't matter so much how you do it, so long as you do it
with passion. Because there's an old saying,

"I may not be right, but I'm never in doubt."

That is the thought of an inspiring leader. People who want to
achieve things in life will stay away from people in doubt. In order
to bring the right people into your MLM business, you need to
act with certainty.

That will make you magnetic.

It's always surprising how many people look to others to guide
them. When, if they just Googled their question, they'd have an
answer. A leader doesn't expect or depend on others to do it for
them. They choose a good example, then they figure it out and
make it work.

A leader entering unknown territory still doesn't bat an eye.

They do it anyway. This isn't revolutionary.

Success as a leader means you have a "think REALLY big"
mindset, and then doing the necessary actions. Any real leader
takes pride in the fact that they are 100% responsible for their
future, so they do the logical actions that will bring the results
they want.

Now you will get results, whether you act or not.

My question to you is, what kind of results do you want?
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1 comment:

Andrea Goodsaid said...

Hi Gary -

Hey nice post!

I especially liked this line -- very defining:

"A leader entering unknown territory still doesn't bat an eye."

I think leaders even get excited about entering new territory -- seeing new possibilities and connections that can be made, don't you?

I know I sure do ;-)

Appreciate you!