Monday, April 28, 2008

Those Green Melanesia's Wear a Heavy Crown

Social networking on
the Internet will have
you meeting a lot of
different types of people.
And the best way for you
to catagorize all of them is
with the four
personality colors.
Mentoring for Free has training designed to help you
determine the personality colors.
So today I would like to introduce you to a Green guy going
through a Mental Cleanse.
Hello Michael!
I am currently overtaken by temporary defeat. I am depressed,
and considering the options before me.
Have I sought expert counsel? Am I 3 feet short of my goal?
Is my success just one more step beyond what I am seeing as
Why do I persist in believing that I have nothing to offer people,
that there is no benefit to working with me?
As I sit here writing this, I took a call from a man who had
downloaded STS a while back, and I had left a voice mail for
several weeks ago. He called out of the blue, wanting to talk
about Mentoring For Free,
And get another copy of Success In Ten Steps.
My very green, analytical mind, that same mind that is prone to
over think things, find reasons to remain sceptical, and to resist
offering trust, to instead look for the indicators for distrust....
And I find myself wondering if this is the universe's sense of
humour at work? Just when I've resolved myself to giving this
up, looking for something else, packing it in, along comes a call that
can lift my spirits, possibly change my mind, or at least make me
wonder.... is it possible? Is there really any chance for me?
My belief fades in and out, sometimes strong, sometimes weak,
almost manic, bipolar in it's nature. The highs are very high,
the lows, as deep as they get.
I no longer wonder about why I struggle. I have read and listened
enough to realize that it is due to my own thinking. Keeping my
thinking inline I find is easier said than done though.
There is an aspect to my thinking that I am aware of now, and is
a large factor. Not only will negativity set me back, but it draws
to me more negativity, negative people, whose own thinking and
beliefs fuel this fire.
A fire I need put out if I am to cover that last 3 feet. It is not easy
to tell people to get away from me, but I know that is what I have
to do. If they are not going to alter their thinking, and are going to
impose their negative views upon me, I can no longer tolerate it,
if I truly wish to change my thinking, and change my world.
They depress me.
I have the inclination to study my failures,and I seem to be
gaining knowledge about what leads to those failures. But, am I
changing my path? Truly?
I don't know.
And as long as I don't know, doubt lingers and eats at any
possibility of success, like termites in the frame work of your
house. Slowly, quietly, and absolutely, destroying it from the
inside out.
Destroying my possibilities before they have a chance to rise.
I believe Hill. I believe what he writes. The answers to my
questions, the solutions to my problems are in my own mind.
Wonderful, but I do not seem to be able to get myself into the
correct state of mind and stay there. I fall out.
All I need is in this book, so this time, I am doing the cleanse,
seriously, and properly. I think my life depends on it.
Maybe my sanity.
I seem to know just enough to be a problem for myself, rather
than a solution. Wealth is a state of mind, not the result of
immense hard labour. I believe this, so why do I flounder?
What is the missing piece? Who can coach me to this place I
need to get to in my mind? Who is it that can help me get past
this and into a state of Success Consciousness?
Would I even know them if they showed up?
Magnetizing my thinking, to open minded, positively directed
thinking, in pursuit of my Purpose should not continue to elude me.
Hugh ( green guy )
You can learn about the other personality colors in the book
"Success in 10 Steps" get a copy and read about the colors.
Then you can listen to the Teleconference Training which is
Saturday May 3 at 9:00 PM Eastern. Register today
Your Friend in Success
Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime
Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart

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