Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battling the Power of Procrastination, Dealing with the Contagious Green Disease

We live in the information age today, where we're constantly being
fed offers for the next best thing since sliced bread.All you have to do
is join and magically make money hand over fist.

Oh, just had another offer come in my email.

So what you need to have is a strong power of focus. One that will
bring you the reults you want to see. But you are overwhelmed,with
all the infomation you have acquired on reaching that summit.

Because we go "information crazy"… buying every course,
attending every conference, reading every e-book, listening to
every recording, and dialing into every teleseminar we can find.

I'm gonna do it, Right after this be all, end all program!

Before you know it, a month… six months… or a year has gone by -
and you are no closer to building your life changing network marketing
business. That’s because you’ve spent all your time reading,
studying, and learning the thing you are passionately interested in…
rather than actually DOING it.

Sad to say you are suffering from the contagious Green disease
called analysis paralysis. Which can be cured with the use of
one simple to apply word. And that word is called ACTION!

All the information you are taking in has overloaded your circuits.
You struggle to process it all, constantly sort through it, just to figure
out what to do first. So, instead, you do nothing. You take no action -
other than to order yet another course or report to read.

You don't have to get it right, Just get it going!

You spend all your time reading about starting a business. So there
is no time left to actually start or run a business. Making you an
"armchair entrepreneur" more excited with the Monday
morning idea of entrepreneurship than the actual process of building
a growing prosperous network marketing home business.

Now don"t misunderstand what I'm saying here, acquiring business
knowledge is a worthwhile activity. But without action, that
knowledge is worthless to you. You don’t have to know everything,
or even most of what there is to know - to succeed in most mlm home
business endeavors.

What you need to do is just take some kind of action.

And when you do that on a daily basis you create momentum that
will help carry you to the success you desire.

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business or growing an existing one,Mentoring for Free has what
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Steve DeVane said...

Thanks for this excellent post. As a green personality, I've often suffered from analysis paralysis. You're absolutely right - action is the cure. I'm finally learning that I'll never accomplish anything if I don't do anything. I appreciate your insights.

Gary McElwain said...

Thanks for the input Steve, and all
the best in your progress. Yes Greens need a system and constant forward momentum.