Monday, April 14, 2008

The Creation of a Network Marketing Leader, A Life-long Process of Personal Choice's

As a network marketing leader
I have come to realizethe most
important personal choice you can
make is to take full responsibility
for yourself.
You have to accept full responsibility
for everything you are, and
everything you want to be.The
acceptance of personal responsibility
is what separates the real leaders
from the average person.
"Take responsibility read Success in 10 Steps"
Personal responsibility is the key attribute of all leadership and
the spring board of high performance in every person, in every
situation. And this will make a great turning point in your life.
And when you've reached that turning point in life and your ready
to share it with the masses. Here's how I think we can ethically
and profitably build connections and your circle of influence.
"Take responsibility read "Success in 10 Steps"
Here's where we'll take your new connection-building strategy
to the next level. Pretty soon, the most visible and influential
members of your target are going to jump at the chance to work
with you.
Because you have the Holy Grail of all mlm training to offer
them. And you have the ability to lift a great weight off their
shoulders with this gift of freedom called Mentoring for Free.
"Take responsibility read Success in 10 Steps"
Your Friend in Success

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Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart


Roxanne Green said...

Taking responsibility and making good personal choices are definitely things that MLM leaders must do.

As always Gary, you have excellent insights. Keep them coming.


Rashmi Mehta said...

It is only people who take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, that make great leaders. Great post.

regards Rashmi