Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mentoring For Free, Michael Dlouhy, and My Chapter 2

The network marketing training provided by
Mentoring For Free recommends you experience a
30 Day Mental Cleanse. We are currently reading
chapter 2 in Think and Grow Rich.

Before reading my lesson from chapter 2, watch
the great introduction video from Michael Dlouhy

Success in 10 Steps

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 2
Desire- The Starting Point of Achievement

Looks can be decieving, because it's what's inside that drives us.
With a dominating desire that becomes an all consuming obsession.
My thoughts can become my reality.

By creating a definite goal. And fueling it with all of my energy,
and maintaining the will power. To follow through with my efforts.
I will create the opportunities to achieve my goals.

It is none of my business what others think of me.What matters is
what I think of my self. I will not let thier envy and jealousy,
disturb my obsession with a success state of mind.

I will create a money conciousness, by visualizing my successes.
As if I have already achieved them.Creating a burning desire to
create, and follow through with all of my plans. Allowing me to
attain all of my goals.

There is no better time than the now to develop, and market, the
talents I have buried deep inside of me. As long as I believe in me,
and that what I do is right. My successes will require I apologize
to no-one.

As long as I do not accept defeat as my reality. I can translate my
goals and dreams, into organized plans. Backed by my
belief, that I deserve abundance and prosperity. Then I will be
ready to recieve, all that I believe I deserve.

With a strong belief and a burning desire. All things are possible to
those who will believe. So it is my duty to say that I believe,
nothing is impossible. And I will choose to be the example.

So my duty as being the example is to introduce you to the FREE
network marketing training offered at Mentoring For Free.

And it all starts when you download your "Success in 10 Steps"

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