Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Social Networking Miscues, MommyRoxy Spanks the Kids

Social networking seems to bring out the junior high girl in
a lot of people's thinking. I'll explain that in a bit, but first I have
something I need to share with you.

Roxanne Green is one of the great Mentor's, coaches and
trainers with Mentoring for Free. And after all the group
and one on one training, some people still cant control their
impulses to act like a junior high girl on MySpace for the
first time.

If your offended your the Friend

Here is Roxanne Green's message to her group, as she
spanks the kids who get out of line.
OK - most of you know me and know that I don't sugar coat
things. This email may be harsh. It's meant to be. It's not
meant to be MEAN, but IS meant to be harsh.

When we talk about creating relationships on social networking
sites we do NOT MEAN forward every video, every joke and
everything you get that says

"Forward this to all of your friends".

If you're annoying ME, you're annoying your potential business
partners. I would NEVER join someone who annoyed me
with this.

It seems my facebook friends are the ones who are the main
culprits. I'm not targeting one specific person here. There are
about 15 of you who do this to me and I'm sure others are doing
it to other people

I get funwall comments DAILY

Are any of these comments from prospects?? NO - they are
from fellow STBers who feel that they have to forward
everything that comes along to their entire address book.

COME ON - how about spending a half hour a day looking at
profiles of people you want to cultivate a relationship with and
sending them a PERSONAL message???

Where is the relationship building in passing along everything
that comes into your inbox or funwall? How does that create a
RELATIONSHIP with someone?

I've been just ignoring all of this stuff, but today is the proverbial
"straw that broke the camel's back".

You guys are ANNOYING!!!

There - I said it. I'm NOT saying this to upset anyone or to
call anyone out or anything like that and this email needs NO
response. You are smart enough to know if you are one of the
ones who forward along stuff. Even if you, personally, forward
the wonderful motivational video ONCE to all of your friends,
that doesn't mean that your friends haven't had it forwarded to
them by SIX other people first

Every day when I go in and glance at the funwall posts after
getting the notification in my email, I see a bunch of the exact
same video or a bunch of the exact same picture.

How is a picture that says:

"You are special" with some cutesy thing on it supposed to
make ME feel special when 5 others before you sent me the
same photo????


Get off your butts and start looking at profiles and creating
RELATIONSHIPS. When your funwall post comes in saying
something PERSONAL and NICE, I (if I were a prospect) would
be more apt to click on YOUR profile than all of the others that
I consider "spamming my funwall".

If I offended anyone - TOO BAD. (I say that with love).

This is a business. This is not - "Tolerate others because they are
Success Team Builders". I care about the success of EVERY
one of you and if I see someone (or multiple someone's) doing
something that is counter productive, I will tell you.

Most times I do that one on one, but in this case, EVERYONE
needs this info.

I've done three or four calls now on social networking and
Marcello was kind enough to share his thoughts on the team call
during convention. Richard has done numerous calls on this also.

Go listen to those calls. They are there for you to learn from.
NO ONE said forward everything you get to your ENTIRE
friend's list. Think about making people feel special. A message
that was blasted out to everyone by six different people does
not make people feel special no matter what that message is.

Your goal is to make someone feel special EVERY day.

This should be a potential business partner, NOT a fellow STBer.
If you want to communicate with other STBers, send them an
email and stop spamming their funwalls.

Roxanne Green


If you are making these kind of social networking mistakes
you have been warned of the effects. And if your networking
consist of a junior high girl. It looks like this.

Be Smart, Don't Twitter Your Life Away!

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