Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michael Dlouhy's Team Leadership, Achieving Success Through a Critical Thinker

Go ahead and Google "MLM", you'll quickly realize how many
websites and web businesses focus on selling leads to MLMers.
It's a very huge business. The problem is, buying leads from
any lead vendor is always a crapshoot.

If the vendor isn't someone you know well, you have a good
chance of getting worthless leads. The only sane solution
is to somehow harvest your own targeted MLM leads
if you can.

This information in this video comes from the experiences
found in the lead-generation ebook "Success In 10 Steps."
You'll read Michael Dlouhy's experiences of frustration and
then success in network marketing.

The book is not company-specific, so a lot of MLMers use it as
their own personal lead-generator definitely worth checking
out. Get a copy of "Success in 10 Steps" Because it's easier to
develop your coaching skills with your own superior free
network marketing leads.

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