Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Freedom Factor of MLM, From Pillar to Post Who's Getting Paid

Catherine Zeta Jones With Monkeys

With over $110 Billion in annual revenues worldwide,
Network Marketing Companies and their owners are getting
very, very, rich. And for some of the people doing the promoting
the paychecks are phenomenal.

One big problem with this picture.

The promoters raking in the big checks, are'nt the distributors.
Although network marketing is defined as a distribution
channel. That's it-nothing more.

With the cost of getting a product into the hands of the end user,
usually rising about 90%. That make's for a lot of profit to pass

We're Movin on up!

Unfortunately for the distributors of some very well known
companies,the bottom line needs to be covered first. Before
anybody gets a piece of this succulent pie. That means the
mortgage on the oversized building.

We cant forget the 2 to 3 hundred office workers taking ,
and processingall of those orders to pay the big checks to who?

The Other Secret Income of Millionaires

Well besides the owners and stockholders, who more than likely
get paid before the bottom line is covered. You have the celebrity
endorser. With the top four collecting over $50 Million for
thier promotional deals.

Top 4 Celebrity Endorsements Deals

Catherine Zeta Jones-T-Mobile=$20 Million
2) Angelina Jolie- St. John= $12 Million
Nicole Kidman- Chanel No.5= $ 12 Million
Jessica Simpson- Gunthy Renker= $ 7.5 Million

If you are struggling to make ends meet with your network
marketing company, can you see why that might be happening.
This thing was stacked against you before you even learned how
to spell MLM.

It's not your fault.

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