Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How Network Marketing is Done in the Leaders Zone

Network marketing leaders seem to operate on a higher
level than most everyday people do. Being at the top of their
game is a lot like the inner state of being of the elite special
forces guys. They have a zone system they use to detect
their state of awareness.

This system consist of four zones of awareness

The zones are color coded as such
1) White
2) Yellow
3) Red
4) Black

Most people live in a white zone, it's a fuzzy white noise kind of
state. These are people who are stumbling through life, not sure
where they're at. If your walking around in the white zone of
awareness, you will be missing all the opportunities life puts
in your path.

Kind of like being in a Zombie type trance.

When you hear of people being sheep and being led around by
their nose you are talking about the vast majority of the human
population who are living in this white zone.

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Now the Yellow state is a much more aware state of being.
That's where if your sitting down somewhere you would know
who was behind you. You would know where the exits are. You
would be aware of where your at, how your situated. And well
aware of what is going on around you.

And that is a great state to be in.

The Red state your a little more active, your actually sensing
that you need to pay attention. When your in an unfamiliar place
you have a heightened sense of awareness.

The black state is a combat ready state, where your ready to
kill anything that moves. You are actually in an actively hostile

Getting into the yellow and the more heightened red state, is
where you are able to force yourself to create that awareness.
And draw inspiration from your heightened senses. You are able
to stop and intuitively look inside and pull up the answers you
are looking for.

Now why do we do this?

Because your aware of who's around you, what's happening to
the left and to the right. Since observation comes from being in
a state of receptive intelligence. Where you are intelligently
observing the world and deciphering what is happening around
you. All you need is to follow an easy step by step duplicatable

Mentoring for Free is that duplicatable system that leads
to Success in 10 Steps. And then you can get a large group of
people to do a few simple things. Over a long period of time. And
thats how lot's of ordinary, everyday people create royalty income.

Mentoring for Free creator Michael Dlouhy will be traveling
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a royalty income. Get started now learning this easy to follow,
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That way when he reaches your town, you'll be ahead of your
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