Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creating the Network Marketing Royalty Income Extravaganza

There are two types of income generated throughout the
world. But there is one specific type that will bring you the
financial freedom that you desire. This one type of income
will allow you the opportunity to own your life.

Linear income stops, when you stop working!

The first type of income we will discuss is called Linear income.
This is the kind of income that most people earn. If you work
for someone and trade your time for money, that is linear
income. When you work you get paid. When you stop working,
Well, you stop getting paid.

Want fries with that?

This is the same type of income the minimum wage guy at
the fry machine makes. And believe it or not, it's the same
type of income a famous brain surgeon makes. Of course there
is a big difference in the amount these two examples make.

Is it Monday already!

So when you wake up to that loud, blaring, annoying alarm.
Ask yourself? Is this what I really want to do everyday to earn
my income. Is this all that I'm worth?

The Secret Income of Millionaires

Now the second income we will discuss is called Royalty income.
This income is a lot different than what most people are aware of.
It has been called by such names as , passive income, residual
income, or my favorite explanation recurring income.

Do the work right one time

With royalty income you just have to do the work right one time
and then you get paid over and over and over. You even make
money while you're asleep. And if your with the right company,
you can even get paid after you quit working.

Drink out of the coconut money

Royalty income sounds pretty far fetched to most people. But, it's
the way a lot of people with no special skills create there own,
drink out of a coconut money!

It does take certain skills to earn royalty income. But they are
easyto learn. All you need is to follow an easy step by step
duplicatable system. And then you can get a large group
of people to do a few simple things. Over a long period of time.
And thats how lot's of ordinary, everyday people create
royalty income.

Mentoring for Free and the Freedom Tour

Michael Dlouhy
will be traveling across the country, teaching
these vary skills you need to create a royalty income. To get
started now learning this easy to follow, step by step system. That
way when he reaches your town, you'll be ahead of the crowd and
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Bill Tessore said...

Hi Gary,

You never cease to amaze me with your word pictures & the correlations you make between seemingly different things. "Drink from a cocoanut money" & serving fast food being equal to brain surgury (linear income).

Absolutely BRILIANT!

I appreciate you,

Bill Tessore
Bill Tessore's Blurbs

Gary McElwain said...

Thanks Bill

It's true when you trade your time for money, your working for someone else. Granted there is a wide range of pay.

When the work stops the pay stops
that only means trouble

Gary mcElwain