Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charles Heflin of ThemeZoom Makes His Debut with Mentoring For Free

Charles Heflin will be debuting with Mentoring For Free.
I hope for those of you who attended the Teleseminar tonight
that you will understand what is keeping you from success.

I know 100% without question what is stopping you! You are
not generating targeted and qualified leads for your network
marketing business.

Buying leads off the Internet is not the answer.

Are you willing to accept that if you do not have a written game
plan you are making the decision to not succeed. They say that

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

This is the number #1 reason almost 86% of you are not happy
with your business. It is why over 75% of people trying to make
money online are spending more than you are making.

No Plan...

No written plan when you log onto the internet to work. With
no direction, how do you know when you get to where you
wanted to go in the first place.

There are great products, softwares, ebooks to buy BUT...Do
they work into your current plan and the direction you are

If you have no plan, how do you know?

Saturday night, Richard Dennis will interview Charles Heflin
about how to use the many social networking websites to create
a steady stream of good leads for a network marketing business.

This will be and may already be the best training you will ever
get online. Best of all it is FREE. to listen to this LIVE
conference call

Charles Heflin has been online since1983, long before any
of us ever heard of the internet. Richard Dennis has been
in network marketing for 30 years. That's a lot of Intenet
and Marketing experience to be learning from.

You want to be on the line early to reserve your spot on this
very special Mentoring For Free Teleseminar training
event. To do that you will need to register for the event at
Mentoring For Free.

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anytime
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