Sunday, September 7, 2008

Suspected Florida Crazy Man Detained in Houston Hotel Lot

Quite the sensational headline for a rather humorous story.
Even though this sounds like some bizarre news story you
might hear on the 6 o'clock news. It's a funny story my upline
sponsor told me, about what happened to him last week.

The network marketing company that I work with, had
their national convention last weekend in Houston, Texas.
My upline leader was scheduled to be one of the speakers at
the event.

Now Richard Dennis usually like's to get up early and go
walking. While he is walking he talks into a recorder, about
marketing ideas and stuff he writes about. He has been known
to be a bit animated during his walks. Which may look a bit
unusual to passing motorist.

Well early in the morning he was out walking around the hotel,
practicing for his speaking engagement that morning. Practicing
his animated body movements and excited voice inflections, in a
hotel parking lot at 5 in the morning. Seemed a bit odd to the
Houston Authorities.

After showing them his identification and, explaining what he
was doing in their parking lot at 5 in the morning. The two
officers looked at each other, and his identification and realized
he must be one of those crazy successful network marketers
from Mentoring for Free.

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