Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Genetically Engineered to Succeed, But Your Business Model's Driving Your Behavior

In network marketing it is your company's business model that
will eventually determine your level of success. Now your upline
leader may tell you to buy a CD full of leads. And make those 100 calls
a day. And if that doesn't work they'll tell you to make more calls.
And you wonder why?

That's just the way we've always done it!

That would be a typical response you might recieve from your
recruiter. And that's because that's what they were told to do when
they started in the business. Recruit, recruit, recruit. That's a
business model that will have over 90% of people struggling to
survive in network marketing. Dont be a statistic.

That's just the way we've always done it!

Which reminds me of a story I heard about these scientist. They
were going to study the reactions of some monkey's in a particular
situation. So what they did was put five monkeys in a large caged
area, with some steps in the middle and a bananna tied to the ceiling.

After awhile one monkey spies the bananna, and climbs the steps.
Just as he's about to grab the bananna the scientist, spray him with
a firehose of ice cold water. Then they spray all the other monkey's.
Now they have five surprised, angry, and cold monkey's.

The scientist remove one of the original monkey's and replace it with
a new one. After awhile, the new monkey starts to climb the steps
and the other monkey's pull him down and beat him up. And he has
no idea why. Then the scientist replace another monkey, with a new
monkey who has no idea about the firehose.

Once again the new monkey starts to climb the stairs to get the
bananna hanging from the ceiling. All the other monkeys start yelling
at the new monkey and pull him off the steps and proceed to beat on
him. Even the newest monkey that knew nothing about the firehose.

Over time the scientist have changed all the original monkeys for five
new monkeys, who knew nothing about the firehose with the ice cold
water. But still, none of the monkeys would go up the stairs to get the
bananna. Out of fear of being beaten, and didn't know why.

That's just the way we've always done it.

Is not a good way to run your network marketing business. If your
upline doesn't have a system in place for you to plug into that
allows you to climb those stairs to reach that low hanging fruit.
You need to check on a better way of reaching your dreams.

My good friend's and personal mentors Michael Dlouhy and
Richard Dennis have written a great free e- book called
"Success in 10 Steps" that will explain to you why your business
model may not be working for you.

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Because that's the way we do it!

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Roxanne Green said...

Isn't it amazing what programming can do? A lot of people in network marketing are programmed just like those monkeys.

Thanks Gary for showing them a better way.