Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wizard Leaders of MLM and Their Secret Success Practices

Notice who is successful in MLM, and you will see they are all leaders.

The one way you can become a leader is to find someone willing to
follow you. The one way that can happen is if THEY consider you to
be the guru who knows the success secret and will reveal it to them.

Everybody wants a leader who truly believes.

When you can tap into your own bedrock core level of inner belief,
you will be astonished at how many people YOU can inspire.
MLMers will look to you as a leader, because true motivational
leaders are few and far between. To be considered a wizard in
network marketing, all you need is true, inspiring, motivating belief.

Does this sound like I'm talking about somebody else?

Maybe you think you are on the other side of this deal, one of the
masses looking for that leader. But here's the thing. When you have
that rock-solid, core belief, it doesn't matter that you've never been
looked at as a leader before.

You will inspire people and they will follow you.

And as distant as that idea of solid belief may seem right now, it's
just a matter of some intensive coaching and some dedicated
practice to actually reach it. You don't have to be anything close to
flawless to help a lot of people turn their lives around.

Almost everybody wants the right model. It's a great spot for you
to be in, but only if you learn to really drill down into your steel-hard
core belief. If you look around, it's clear successful network marketers
are leaders

To be a leader, you must have followers. For people to follow you,
they must see in you an unwavering belief that you can help them
be successful. To have that belief, you must get rid of your inner
doubt and conflicts.

And THERE is the problem.

You've gotten used to it and become comfortable with some negative
belief. You could even say it helps you, and probably at the expense
of a lot of other people. Meanwhile, you fight an internal battle in
your soul, a battle you can never win.

And so long as that war goes on, it's pretty darned hard for you to get
gung-ho about anything. What do you do to take advantage of the
good, pure belief you really need in order to lead a large group to
network marketing success?

Believe it or not, it's simple. I didn't say "easy", but it is simple.
So the real point is, can YOU do it?

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Steve DeVane said...

You are right on target. I think many people stop just short of leadership when they could be great leaders. It's good to remember that every step brings you closer to your goal.
Excellent post.
Steve DeVane