Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 Little Things That Make all the Difference, The Power of the 5 Pillars

A network marketing home based business is the greatest
opportunity available for average people to create an additional
income from home.

If I could encourage you in any way possible, it would be this:

Network marketing is one of the most rewarding home business
opportunities today. It offers the opportunity to thrive in the
home based business economy of the 21st century.

Network Marketing is a career choice you can be proud of and in
order to realize a rewarding financial future you must be willing to do
what 9 out of 10 so called entrepreneurs are unwilling to do.

The essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to spot an opportunity
and the willingness to go after it despite the risks. But there are
certain things to look for in a network marketing home business that
will help keep you from choosing a bad opportunity and certain failure.

Network marketing provides the opportunity not only for earning but
also for learning. And the first thing you want to learn is how to
determine what make's a great network marketing company.

According to my Mentor Michael Dlouhy, who joined 100 companies,
in an effort to find out what makes a company work. And why most
people could never succeed. No matter how much money they spent.

People think he is crazy for doing that, but they change thier minds
really quick. All it takes is listening to one of his training calls. The
most important training call is "The Five Pillars". Which will be
the Mentoring for Free training call this Saturday March 15.

When Michael explains what these 5 Pillars are, and what you need
to look for. Before you decide on an MLM company.

And if your already in a company, it will explain your lack of success.

Those that pick a solid company to work with and commit to building
a successful business over the course of a number of years will usually
reach a level of success and income beyond their previous job experiences.

It begins with a 5 Pillar company

Key ingredients for success in network marketing include,

Pillar 1 is the company management experience, with integrity. You
want a management team who has done it themselves. The people who
have built that downline, held those meetings. And trained all thier
people from begginer to top wage earner.

Pillar 2 is the timing in the company, and the timing in the industry.
You need to be leary of the next Big thing. Start-ups will have growing
pains. And the elderly have reached thier saturation.

Pillar 3 is very important, it has to do with your ability to get paid.
It will let you know if average people will make any money. Most of
the people in your group will be part time. But the value of a front line
leader is priceless, with the right pay plan.

Pillar 4 is your remarkable product. Can you see it, touch it, smell it,
taste it. It has to be remarkable, and residual. That's where your
reccuring income come's from. Repeat product sales.

Pillar 5 is what keeps it all working like a well oiled machine. You will
need a duplicatable system to plug your new people into. Because
someone 10 levels deep and 3 continents away needs to be able to do
this. Can you help them?

So what I recommend is starting with Pillar 5. You can find out more
on this plug in and start playing, duplicatable system.

Here at Mentoring For Free, click the link to start!

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Roxanne said...

Such truth here. When I was looking for a company, I put each company I looked at throught the 5 pillars test. I found one and am very happy.

Gary can help you find yours.


Gary McElwain said...

You are on the mark Roxanne. Putting any company through the 5 Pillars test will tell you where you stand

Bill Tessore said...

Hi Gary,

I love this. I just wish I'd had this sort of information back in the early 80's when I got burned by the same company's hype twice.

Keep up the good work.

I apprecieate you,