Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening Day Baseball and Network Marketing, The Best Pitch You'll See all Week


As Yogi Berra once said "That's like dejavu all over again". It's
that tunnel vision that gets you to focus on that one particular plan
of action. And allows you to follow it through to completion, and
establish you as the leader.

And being the leader makes you the expert.

Now if you had to go in for some type of medical operation, you
would want the expert. Right? of course you would, we all would.
And if everybody is looking for the expert, You must be the expert.
That's how you effectively position yourself in your business field.

You must be the expert, the go to guy everyone looks for.

Now this does not mean you need to know every bit of stuff that
goes in the stuff. Or what secret island the one-eyed, left handed
leprechauns, pick the magic ingredients that go into the stuff. Just
tell them to"Try it you might like it." Of course that might not
go over to well with your business model.

Because if your in a network marketing company, with a business
model that relies on you to, recruit, recruit, recruit, for you to
make any money. Then your products might be just a bit too high
priced. And the recurring income from the retail side of the business
just doesn't work to well.

Seventh inning stretch, time to change the focus!

And besides in network marketing your product is not the product.
Your product is people. And when you are the expert, and you can
build your people. Your people will build your business. That of course
depends on your business model, and how people get paid.

One aspect of being the expert is, knowing where all the important
information can be found. Being a master pointer makes you look all
that more knowledgeable, to your people. Because in this manner you
are giving people the information. And letting them judge for
themselves, how important it is to them. Instead of forcing it on
them from your perspective.

The windup, and the pitch

Why I mention all of this is because it has been brought to my
attention that "Business Models Drive the Behavior " And
in network marketing that is a huge factor in not only your success.
But also everybody that you introduce into this business.

As an expert, and master pointer. I would like to point you in the
direction of a free teleseminar on this very subject.
"Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field"

It is on Saturday night March 29 at 9:00 PM Eastern time.
To register for the call and get the free companion e-book click on
the link below. You'll be on your way to being the expert.
"Business Models Drive the Behavior in the Field"

Your Friend in Success

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2 comments: said...

Excellent thought on the importance of the right kind of training. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Gary McElwain said...

Thanks Steve

The Busines model will drive the behavior in the field by the reps.
Your business model can be determined by comparing your company with the 5 Pillars.