Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Network Marketing No-No's-What Makes My Mentor So Mad

One of my Mentors in network marketing, is my good friend
and upline leader Richard Dennis.

When he was growing up in Ohio, his mother gave him a life
changing gift. Upon his completion of high school, she gave him
an electric typewriter.

You know this had to take place a few years ago!

Anyway Richard Dennis packed up his typewriter and moved to
the Great Northwest, Oregon that is.

Football, wrestling, and typing for cash.

After college he went to Florida. And accepted a position as a
public ambassador, for the city of Miami. He spent 16 years in
that position, till striking typing Gold

Four words created four million dollars. And the most successful
marketing piece in network marketing history.

His biggest success "Dead Doctor's Dont Lie".
His newest book "Evil Medicine"
His online company "Mentoring for Free"

So what makes him so mad?

Well he tells me there's a bunch of network marketers doing
some bad things, in the name of marketing. He wont tell me
exactly. But it must be pretty bad, because he's really going off
the deep end this time.

I guess what makes him so angry. So many people do this bad,
bad thing, and then so many fail, at network marketing.

Richard thinks there is a 100% direct connection.

So if you want to hear what you do - or who knows, maybe it's me!
that gets Richard's dander up. Join us Saturday night March 8.
For a teleseminar with Richard Dennis, as he opens up to us.

And spills just what it is that these network marketers are doing.
That is so bad, they need to change or they will fail.

You can register for the teleseminar at the link below.
Register to hear the "BIG MLM LIE'S" teleseminar.

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