Sunday, March 22, 2009

Building Confidence for MLM Team Building

In network marketing, personal development is an important
part of the success quotient. So you cannot allow your thoughts
to be controlled by others, positive personal self talk is a
necessary tool to keep you in control of your own thoughts and

This is a great lesson for every network marketer.

The day's of you stumbling into success in network marketing
are gone. As prospects whose dominant emotion is fear - aren't
letting go of their wallets and purses so easily anymore. People
are so afraid, they don't want to spend their hard earned money
on anything that looks like a risky opportunity.

But sharper people who are re-inventing themselves and their
businesses with a disciplined action plan of personal development
are actually thriving. By being able to get control of your
thoughts and actions , you'll create success in network marketing
- in a good or a bad economy.

If you don't control your own thoughts, how can you ever expect
to talk confidently to a prospect about your opportunity? You
must believe in what you're saying about, your industry, your
company and your ability to help this individual build their own
downline...especially in these scary economic times. This creates
confidence in your team building strategy's

Luckily for us in network marketing, confidence is actually easy
to develop. In fact, if you stay on the personal development plan,
you'll eventually end up in a leadership role. So developing the
habits of highly effective people will pay off "big time"... so it's
worth it to stay the course of personal development mastery.

What you use to communicate with your prospects will have a
major effect on your ability to gain trust with them.Using
completely automated systems, where your prospect never
gets to question you, hear from you and "feel" your spirit, will
surely ruin your business. Even beforeyou can get it off the

Right now, you can get the tools and training you need to ensure
your success no matter what condition the economy is in. The
tools and training I use and suggest are available to you in
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MIke S said...

I have recently joined an MLM. Can someone please give me some feedback as to if you think I made the right decision? I realize that we are still only in Pre-Launch or Ground Floor or whatever you call it. But How long should it take for something to really start bringing in some cash? I make about $400 a month which is not bad but it has been about 4 months already. When do the BIG BUCKS start rolling in? I want the STOCK OPTIONS! Thats why I got into this.. but I must hurry and move up some more "Ranks" so I can get my BMW bonus. Can anyone give me a little feedback on how long it should take to get a strong downline going? I only have about 150 people under me in 3-4 months. Please help!

Gary McElwain said...


Thanks for posting your questions.
And the answer's are, It depnends on your business model. You get paid for signing people up, that's good
you get paid a reccuring depending on your customers use.

From a quick review of your company it seems you are selling advertising, and 90% of the population aren't sales people, and don't like to be sold.

Which you can learn about in the free ebook

Give it a read and we can talk

Gary McElwain

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