Friday, March 27, 2009

Floored by Team Building Results

The most interesting thing happened on the way to my blog.
I made a stop at, to upload a recent article
I had written. I had noticed they published one of my articles

Being curious as to it's ranking, I did a quick Google check,
lo and behold, my article is number one. I was floored
my article ranked #1 out of 12.7 million pages, in less than
a day.

I have to thank my mentor Richard Dennis for this happening.
He did a teleseminar a few weeks ago, about using LSI which
stands for latent semantic indexing. It sounds like some
boring scientific research gobbledy-goop.

But what it really means is using relative words, that match
you major keywords. So I thought I'd give it a go using this
free keyword software PPC Web Spy.

Since it works so well, I decided to join the 100 Day Challenge.
Which is to write 100 articles in 100 days. The site is free to
join, and the community is there to help keep you focused.
You can join the Challenge, and get writing.

100 Articles in 100 Days

Your Friend in Success

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Change Your Life for Better said...

Ezine articles should always helps you get visibility in online world. This is because the main websites have higher page rank and when you put your article there, the topic of the article also gets a higher ranking in SERP of your keywords related to the article.

This is the reason for success behind article marketing.

Gary McElwain said...

Thanks for your comment Fornis.
Ezinearticles has been instrumental in the high rankings. But the change in my writing style has seemed to make a difference also.

Gary McElwain