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Amazing Formula for Team Building

A Return To Simplicity

The 6 Things You Gotta Know To Put Your Formula Together

By Marlon Sanders


Let's return to simplicity.

There are all kinds of complicated things you can do to
market online. But let's just look at the simple things
we know work.

The following formula will work for you whether you have
your OWN products to sell or you're promoting affiliate products.

There are 6 basic things you gotta know to get your
Formula working for you:

1. Who is your target audience?

This is the FIRST thing you have to know. Who BUYS
what you're selling.

In today's world, this is easy to find.

a. You search Google for the keywords people interested
in buying what you hope to sell are likely searching

b. You take the top 10 web sites under those keywords.

c. You go to and type in the URL's.

Now you know who your audience is.

2. What do they want to buy

a. Go back to the SAME websites in step one.

b. Look at what they're selling.

c. Now you know what people want to buy.

3. What's your advantage in the Game?

You need to have a USP or an advantage.

Look for 1 of 3 scenarios.

-- People who are underserved
-- overserved
-- or non consumers.

If they are underserved, you create products to serve them.

If they are overserved, meaning the products are more expensive
and elaborate than they need, you launch a scaled down product.

If they are non-consumers of your product, you make it easy
and convenient for them to use your product or service.

LAW ONE: Before going to battle, always have a clear, decisive
advantage. That's what Red Factor is about: Gaining an advantage.

Now, you know WHO buys, you know WHAT they buy,
you know WHAT your advantage is.

4. How you will reach 'em

Go back to the web sites in step one.

Go through and look to see if you can buy ads on their sites or
in ezines.

Do backlink checks with and see if any of those sites offer ads or

Go here:

On the first "site referrals" tab, type in each domain in the top
ten. Now you can see what KEYWORDS deliver the traffic.

You can buy keywords using ppc OR you can get organic rankings.
All you gotta do is find out:

* Where these people are hanging out
* The blogs they read
* The forums they go to
* The things they search for in Google

Then you offer a freebie that's irrestible to 'em.

5. How to get 'em into your funnel

Now you know how to reach 'em. You need to offer bait. You offer
a free report or other bait to get people into your sales funnel
so you can follow up with 'em.

What attractive report can you offer that people will crawl over
broken glass to get? THAT is what you offer on your "Squeeze"

6. Send 'em emails

Send 'em emails and promotions that get 'em to buy.

The idea here is to find other things they want to buy, join
the affiliate programs, write up promos and send 'em to your list.

You'll also want to publish content to your list. You can write
that yourself or hire writers.

Once people are on your list, you send content and offers.
There is a sequence to that that my friend Lee McIntyre has
proven to be very effective:

Content. Pitch. Content. Pitch. For every pitch, send a piece of

My friend Jim Edwards used to do: Content. Content. Pitch.

You can send offers for your own products or those from other
people. You can do your pitches in the emails, in blog posts, by
video, by audio, by webinar, by Ustream, or by teleseminar.

In Promo Dashboard, I call this rolling out "The Full Arsenal."
You use all the tools that work for you and fit who you are.

7. Turn every customer into an affiliate

In the ideal world, you wanna turn every customer into an affiliate.

The idea is that you make it easy for 'em to get articles, links,
banners and tools they can stick on a blog, Facebook or
Myspace page.


* Know who buys
* Know what they buy
* Know where they hang out at
* Offer 'em a tasty freebie they can't refuse
* Send 'em content and offers
* Get 'em all to be your affiliate

If you wanna get fancy, have 'em post and talk to you on your
blog and Twitter. Get 'em into a Facebook group.

Poof! Now you know the simplicity of marketing online. Isn't
that 10X clearer than a LOT of the things you've read to date?

You probably know someone who needs to read this article.
Would you post it on your blog, pass it along to 'em on Twitter
or spread the word to 'em on Facebook?

I know they'll appreciate the CLARITY. In marketing, there is
no 100% certainty. But there is CLARITY.

Simple, clear thinking about how to pay your bills and have a
nice life by sellin' stuff online.

This is what I offer you.

In a time when it seems like everything is so complexl, there is
an essential simplicity. It isn't always easy.

But it is CLEAR.


I hope it's all CRYSTAL to you now after readin' this article.
Spread the word.

Clarity exists at

I've been around longer than most. Seen more things than most.
Tried more things that worked than most. Had more things fail
than most. Read more than most. And travelled and spoken
more than most.

Out of all that, there's on thing I have to offer you:



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