Monday, June 9, 2008

Social Networking Your Way to Customer Loyalty

Social networking our way to a priceless customer list is
one of the biggest challenges most online marketers face
today. Understanding it's a process is the challenge.

Here's to learning some of the processes

Strategies for Turning Social Networking Contacts into Customers:
...Most sites make it easier for you to increase your contacts
with built-in tools that allow you to locate classmates or former
co-workers. Read the article here: Strategies for Turning
Social Networking Contacts into Customers.

Why Your PR and Social Networking Strategies Aren’t
Working: Here are some preliminary steps that need to be
understood if you want your PR and social networking strategies
to work for you:. 1. Understand your target market/ideal client.
This is huge and 80% of entrepreneurs are unclear on this.

You Targeted Your Message, Now Target Your Products:
Members of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace,
and certain blogging communities are not the same as audiences
of television or radio. Yes, the person on Facebook probably
owns a television as well, but their expectations and

Top 10 Social Sites By Alexa Ratings
MySpace: Long recognized as the most popular social
networking site for teens and adults, MySpace allows users to
develop an interactive personal profile, network with friends
and contacts, maintain blogs, and share photos and music.

Speaking of MySpace, Mentoring For Free will be hosting
a special social networking training featuring their own
MySpace Specialist Roxanne Green

Learning to build these long term relationships is a BIG part
of the whole social networking scene. Register for the free
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