Saturday, June 28, 2008

Annika Sorenstam Has Proven Track Record, Would That Mean Success In MLM

Annika Sorenstam born October 9, 1970.
She didn’t discover golf until her twelfth birthday,
it’s hard to pinpoint Annika’s greatest strength
on the course. She’s a fabulous iron player, and
her driving—already good—improved by an
astounding 13 yards a swing in 2002.

Her mechanics are near perfect, and her tempo
and rhythm are superb. This allows her to strike the ball with
amazing consistency.Realizing that success had made her
complacent. She has decided to challenge the best men in golf.

Does her former skill guarantee her success

Success is predictable and achievable for those willing to work
a system that has been put in place.One that has a proven track
record. For example, most successful people building a network
marketing business do so in an organized method.

You must believe in what you are doing to be successful at it,
and in order for you to have the motivation to pick up the phone
or to speak to someone about it

Success is not a single event – it is a winning mindset.

Being successful is a habit and like every other habit it can be
cultivated. Success is predictable and achievable for those
willing to go to work first on themselves and then on their
business. Using a simple and duplicatable system for
network marketing success

Training is vitally important to insure success in any business
opportunity that you may be considering. You need good training
to be successful in network marketing. And you must have a
system in place which both pre-qualifies, and helps build trust
with your prospect.

People will follow you into this business, if you lead them with
strength, and grow them into Success. To learn more about
growing leaders, here's a must read "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

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