Saturday, June 7, 2008

The State of Social Networking on the Internet

Social networking on the internet is an ever evolving concept
with ever changing strategies.

Here are a few from this week!

Social Media Today -In a study by Rapleaf, women outpace
men by far in usage of social media. There is especially a
disparity in usage between married women and married men.
While single 20somethings are all on social networking sites
due to having more … ...

Start Your Own Social Network: Ning, HandShakes or
eFriends? HandShakes - This is a fully-customizable
social networking software program that allows you to
build a social networking service using a membership-type
system. Pros of HandShakes include the excellent admin console,
tag clouds, ..

MySpace Profit Strategies-Act now and join the ranks of
millions who are enjoying all social networking sites like have to offer. Step-by-Step instructions for
setting up a killer MySpace page, one that will prove irresistible
to prospects, clients, ..

Mentoring For Free- Is the best training system online
that provides the understanding of the four personality's
that you will be meeting online, online,offline, books, calls

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