Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiger Woods Surgically Masters Golf, Certainly You can Master Network Marketing with Training

Tiger Woods surgically maneuvered himself into a playoff
position in the U S Open. To come from behind to win. Even
though he was hobbled by a bad knee, which he had operated
on for the second time in five months.

Showing that training and planning bring payoff's

Most people fail in network marketing, because they lack
these essential things that are necessary for success. My point
for sharing this story with you is to let you know that if you want
to be in network marketing, you have to be responsible for your
own success.

It is absolutely critical that you allow yourself to be coached,
and then apply a proven success formula. Having a simple,
duplicable system is a big key to success in network marketing.
Most newcomers don't have the confidence that they can be
successful on their own.

They want to know that you have a powerful system. They can
follow that will enable them to fulfill their dreams,and be
successful, that you are the business partner of their dreams.

You can get your proven success formula in the book
Success in 10 Steps

And the duplicatable system is available to use for free in
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