Monday, June 23, 2008

Network Marketing Owner Billionaire Buffet, Social Networking Lunch of a Lifetime

Network marketing is one of the most rewarding home
business opportunities today. Making it one of the fastest-
growing career opportunities in the United States.

Meaning it's an excellent career opportunity for the
average person, as they can build their own business

Being their own boss, and not having to deal with complicated
employee and payroll problems.

Network marketing is a viable business model that generates
significant income for millions of people worldwide. This home
business is really the greatest source of grass-roots capitalism,
because it teaches people to take a small bit of capital--that is,
your time--and build the American Dream.

Fortune magazine called direct selling (of which network
marketing is the largest segment) "The best kept secret in the
business world." Billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing
one of these companies called it

"The best investment he'd ever made."

Age, gender and race aren't barriers in this type of home
business. In fact, well over half of the success stories are women.
This business model is particularly suited to single and married
women with family commitments.

Because it offers them an opportunity to start a home
business on a part time basis with very little capital.

Network marketing is the most successful way to introduce
consumers to new products and services they don't even know

This is accomplished simply by sharing information with
others about a product or service you believe in and then
teaching them to do exactly the same.

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