Saturday, January 3, 2009

How to Avoid the Personality Crisis of Sponsoring, and Become a People Expert in 60 Minutes

I recieved a USB turntable for Christmas, a present from my
wife Lorelle.She would like me to turn my boxes of albums into
cd's, she probably wants me to get rid of them. This way she
can fill the space with more of her stuff.

So as I'm going through them, I spotted it. I forgot all about
this record. But as I pulled it from the box, there he was in all his
drunken glamrock glory.

The picture of a Personality Crisis

David Johanson and the New York Dolls. With the attitude
and swagger that the hair bands of the 80's were dying to achieve.
The lipstick and eyeliner along with the haystack hairdo's. They
cranked out some loud and brash Rock & Roll and defined a
style with their song "Personality Crisis".

It's personality roulette

This can also describe how a lot of network marketers go
about building their teams. They really dont know the inner
workings of the people they sponsor. Their just out to fill that
weak leg with 2392 people. Or fill all the levels necesary to get
paid in the new Matrix payplan.

How to pick your people

The smart way to people shop is to know their strong suits. And
determine how they will fit in and help grow your team. Which in
turn grows your commision check. But the big problem really is
not knowing their weaknesses.

Sponsoring a Yellow personality into a stairstep breakaway
plan will lead to a lot of misery for them. They like to help their
people, and nurture them all the way through the business. But
when their people breakaway, or cant make the system work.

They are the ones who feel all the guilt. And believe it's their
fault all their people are dropping out.

Fixing the personality emergency

The ones that drop out and jump from program to program are
the Blue personalities. Their always in a crisis, if this plans not
working the next one must be better. You will need to help them
stay focused on the outcome.

They need to make money fast, excitement is what keeps them
going. If not their gone, and enrolling in the new triple spinning
double helix comp plan.

The alarming truth about details

personalities on the other hand, want and need all the
details you can give them. Their going to read every word on
your wepage, and go through all the calculations in your comp
plan. They wont join your team right away.

But when they do, their in it for the long haul. Because they
hate to be wrong, so they will make it work. No matter how
long it takes.

People who drive us mad

Now the Red personality, you need to tell them about all the
money they can make. Then you need to sell them on all the
money their going to make. Also you will need to close them
on all the money they are going to make.

Because that's all that matter to them. The money, the money,
the money.

The personalities evidence leaves clues

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