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7 Online Network Marketing Business Misconceptions

Much have been said about network marketing (MLM) of the
online variety. While a lot of people claim that it is a marvelous
way of earning an income on the internet. There's an equal
number of people who condemn it for reasons that are born
from the fears they have with something as seemingly novel
as online network marketing programs.

Which of these fears are true, and which are false?

A closer study on some of the issues raised against network
marketing online programs will reveal the truth behind the

1.Online network marketing is a “get rich quick” scheme.

It is not. You will have to invest some time and effort to achieve
the highest possible success in this field. Online network
marketing will not gain for you some passive income, at least
not immediately. You will have to develop your network and
fill it with dedicated individuals from whose efforts you will
earn recurring commissions.

2.Online network marketing is a pyramid scheme.

It is not. Online network marketing is a creative kind of direct
selling. Basically, a person is a customer of your network
marketing home based business program. Though unlike
other setups, they are given the opportunity to join you in this
business and earn an honest income, with your help because
of their purchase.

3.Online network marketing is illegal.

It is not. If online network marketing is illegal, direct selling
should likewise be considered as an illegal activity. Online
network marketing, after all, is a form of direct selling by its
very nature.

4.Online network marketing is unstable as any pyramid scheme

This is a false accusation. Pyramid schemes fail because they
don’t have a product to rely on. They depend on the money
they can CON from the multi-tiered “investors.” Online network
marketing is based on real products that are actually sold to
consumers. There is a real economy involved, which stabilizes
the strength of the businesses that support this kind of system

5.Online network marketing requires recruiting.

It does not. The term “recruiting” is quite misleading. You just
have to pre-sell your homebased network marketing
businesses products to earn some commissions. Consequently,
the people you manage to refer will become members of your
down line, and if they decide to pursue the earning opportunities
presented by your network marketing business itself, you could
also earn from their activities.

6.Online network marketing is just a fad.

Network marketing has been practiced by many entreprenuers
since the 60’s. With the advent of the internet, an online strategy
is just the logical evolution of this industry. Surely, something that
has become a popular sales technique for such a long time
cannot be considered as a passing fad.

7 Online network marketing programs are scams.
Though some fraudulent companies use network marketing
programs to hide their devious schemes. Most network
marketing programs are legit. But not all network marketing
programs are the same. It is the responsibility of the individual
to determine the credible network marketing programs
from dishonest ones. Due diligence is required before
committing to any kind of business undertaking.

Read your contract.

Online network marketing programs offer great
opportunities for amazing income which you could savor and
enjoy. Hesitations, of course, are always healthy in endeavors
like this. Do some investigating and you’ll discover some online
network marketing programs that hold much promise.

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