Sunday, October 12, 2008

Learn How to get Big N Rich, The Freedom Tour is Comin to Your City

My good friend and personal mentor, Michael Dlouhy, will be
conducting a Freedom Tour across the United States.

This tour will kick off at the Holiday Inn Airport,
14670 Duval Road, Jacksonville, FL 32229
From 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Friday, October 24th.

From there, the Freedom Tour will travel to 41 cities
throughout the eastern half of the US and Canada.

In early 2009, Freedom Tour will cover the western half of
the US and Canada.

You are cordially invited to experience The Freedom Tour

Join My Personal and Business Coach, Mentor, Author, and
Successful Entrepreneur with over 30 Years Experience as
Michael Dlouhy gives You the Straight Scoop On…

1) Increasing your income by knowing how others think
2) Understanding your family members…ALL of them
3) The 5 “must have” factors for career success…and why
4) Improving communication with co-workers
5) “Tools” to apply to ANY situation or relationship in Life!
6) Increasing your income by knowing how others think

Limited Seating Available at each Event

To see the remaining Tour Schedule

If you see a location you would like to attend on the list,
email me at and be sure to include:

- Your First & Last Name
- Your Phone Number
- Your City & State
- The City & State you want to attend

I will then get you the information you need to attend the event.
I will even cover your event registration fee. Get back to me as
soon as possible. This offer is for a limited time only.

YOU Deserve Success!!

Your Friend in Success

Gary McElwain
216-539-3553 Anyti,e
My Success Manual

Being a Mentor with a Servants Heart

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