Monday, November 24, 2008

WALL*E Disney Pixar Perfectly Portray Personality Color Green

I find it hard to spend $50 to take the family to the theatre to
see a movie. So we buy the videos so the kids can watch them
over and over.

Not only do they have quite a movie collection. They also have
training films. I've seen them practicing in the mirror, sad faces,
and various other expressions and sayings.

So I am quite prepared when they think thier going to pull a
fast one over on my wife and I. And of course they send the
youngest one in to do thier bidding. And he's pretty good.

Watching the movie WALL*E, it's about a little robot who is
some kind of trash compacter. I couldn't help but notice the
Green personality they gave him.

The Green Personality is very organized, and detailed, to a fault
sometime's. WALL*E was left to clean up the earth while the
humans were on a space cruise. Not like Gilligan's three hour tour.
They were gone for 700 years.

WALL*E would compact trash into little cubes, and very
methodically stack them in rows. And then build on top of them.
As he did this he would collect things and take them home.
Once there he had an elaborate filing system of shelves, with a
section for each kind of object he collected. He had spare parts for
him, and a wide variety of odds and ends. And a stash of twinkies,
he fed to his pet cockroach.

Being organized and methodical in thier approach to everything.
The Green personality can take along time to make a decision.
Especially when it comes to investigating your home business
opportunity And thats what they will do, investigate it,
analyze it, and scrutinize it.

Until they are satisfied they have all the data they need to
review and review,and review. And when they have made their
decision you will be the first to know. But what you want to know
first is how to detect a Green.
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