Friday, February 13, 2009

Mass Media Creates Hysteria, While Frank Kern Creates Mass Control

I just read the craziest thing by John Reese

Now if you follow the news media, or the day to day
financial markets.Then you know the sky is falling, and
the world is coming to an end.

So dump out your coffee and fill the cans, (mine now comes
in a plastic tub with a handle, which makes it better)
with all your money and bury it in your back yard.

My favorite though is the commercial for the Gold Guy's.
You know the one, pack all your gold into our envelope
and mail it to us. We'll evaluate it and send you some money.

How's that for mailbox money.

John Reese was talking with Frank Kern, who is in the
middle of his own product launch for his updated course
Mass Control 2.0.

The question to Frank was “In your opinion, what’s the
one major
thing entrepreneurs should be doing
right now?”

Make more offers

That was Franks response to the question. So, taking
Franks advice I am making an offer to you to download
the free ebook "Success in 10 Steps".

After you do that I will give you a call and let you have
the call in number for a special teleseminar by my friend
Richard Dennis, (ever hear of the "Dead Doctors Dont Lie")
Who will be discussing how to get your offer on the first
page of Google

Sorry there's no charge, I dont even have an upsell.
Just some great free stuff for you. So get my stuff.

Get your free book here "Success in 10 Steps"

Your Friend in Success

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