Saturday, February 28, 2009

Colorful Sunday Funnies, Get Your Laugh On

Since I dont read the newspaper very much anymore, I been
missing the Sunday comics. So I thought I would post some on
my blog for all to get your laugh on. Enjoy

It's Not Easy Being Green - Funny Animation

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Life's a little tough when you're green, and Kermit's not the only one with troubles!
Created by prijent vincent

Cheese - Funny Animation

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mouse tries to get cheese out of a mousetrap
Created by Peter Harakaly

Bananas - Funny Animation

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All monkeys get what they want.
Created by Zach Parrish

The Theory of Evolution - Funny Animation

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Darwin might have been onto something!
Animation by Michael Vokes

Talking Heads - Funny Animation

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Three stone heads struggle to get off the island.
created by philip vallentin

Hope you enjoyed my Sunday funnie's. If so leave a comment
We can make it a regular installment

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