Monday, February 9, 2009

LSI, RTD, PPC, The ABC's of Ranking No.1 on the Google Tree

What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

LSI is a methodology involving statistical probability and
correlation that helps deducing the semantic distance between

Yeah right!

Do you feel like Gilligan, talking to the Professor

Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI, is a way for search engines
to view and rank web pages in a more natural, or human,

Behind the scenes the LSI algorithms analyze pages not only
for keywords, but also for synonyms and other related words
which might be expected to be present.

For example, a web page about barbecues, when analyzed with
LSI, should logically also contain such related words as “grill”,
"patio", "sauce", "recipe", “charcoal” and/or "smokers".

In general, while we do not know the exact mathematical formula
used for LSI, we do know that its real function is to determine
if the content of a site is of value to the visitor or not

Still a little confused?

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Melanie Kissell said...


As always, you have provided your readers with valuable content!

Proper selection and use of keywords and page ranking are definitely vital for "internet" marketers ... not so important for "network" marketers.

Blog On!
Home Business Marketing

Gary McElwain said...


Thank you for your comment. But I believe that proper keywords and a favorable page rank is essential for anyone looking to be successful at using the internet.

We all need leads for our business
whether it's to create prospects or customers. If their not clicking your page or ad, their clicking someone else's.

Gary McElwain